Select the best web conferencing platform....or else

What to look for in the Best Web Conferencing Platforms

  It’s amazing how much you learn after working in web conferencing for a few years.  I know I’ve certainly gained a lot of experience.   Before I joined MeetingOne, I thought “Skyping” could be used interchangeably with other industry terms.  So, so naïve.   In this short time, I’ve played many roles: participant, meeting […]

Gartner Magic Quadrant

On Top Again: Adobe Connect Leader in Gartner Critical Capacities

(Updated January 19th, 2017.) There aren’t many business tools that rank as the best year after year.  Adobe Connect is one of those products! For the ninth year, Adobe Connect has been identified as a leading web conferencing platform in Gartner’s “Critical Capacities.”  Adobe Connect came out on top in two critical capacities use-cases for […]

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Keeping up with eLearning & Virtual Training Tools

  Virtual training and eLearning represent huge shifts in the way businesses share information and educate their learners. To say it’s swept up the corporate world would be an understatement.  The challenge has become simply keeping up!   Every day it seems technologies are being upgraded to enhance the learner experience – and increase their […]

live webinar

How do You Establish Successful Virtual Classroom Training?

Talk of using virtual classrooms to help businesses create blended learning environments has heated up over the past few of years. Virtual classroom training. This new reality comes as no surprise.  There are numerous benefits when using virtual classroom training to complement in-person trainings (as blended learning).  Businesses save money and time by bringing learners […]

Web Conferencing Accessibility

Web Conferencing Accessibility & Equal Opportunity Learning

It was calculated during the 2010 U.S. Census, 54 million Americans have some level of disability – nearly one-fifth of the population at the time. Of those 54 million, 16 million individuals have disabilities that interfered with their daily activities.   Whether an individual faces visual, auditory, or mobility impairments, each affects the way in […]

benefits of virtual training

Are you overlooking the benefits of virtual training?

There’s a perception – and stigma – out there that virtual trainings are inferior to Face-to-Face (F2F) trainings.  But why is F2F favored by many individuals over virtual?  Well, there are the obvious benefits of Face-to-Face trainings.  Learners react to emotional cues defined by visual communication.  They can also directly interact with fellow participants. When […]

Relieve the Pressure of Online Event Facilitation

Relieve the Pressure of Online Event Production

At your desk, you like to daydream a bit.     You dream of an amazing opportunity: Hosting a webinar featuring a business productivity expert.  It’s a two-for-one: you can provide the team a quality training and draw attention to the company.  Then you recall your plans for perfecting an online training course.  It’s a project […]

Use the Brain Rules to Improve Virtual Learning

Use the Brain Rules to Improve Virtual Learning

The association between molecular biology and success in the workplace may not be apparent…at all.  Or, at least not to most people.   For molecular biologist John Medina, he saw an important connection.  Turning to his understanding of how the human mind works, Medina realized that an appreciation of brain chemistry could benefit the workplace. […]

Games and Gamification in Live Online Trainings

Games and Gamification in Live Online Trainings

Why are so many people obsessing about gamification in online trainings?  Short answer: Because it’s awesome.   Long answer: Video games are important to our society.  Between all the gaming apps and gamer communities, the Entertainment Software Association recently suggested that upward of 150 million Americans play video games on a frequent basis.  The fact […]

Virtual Classroom

Re-imagine the Virtual Classroom

Some memories stick with you throughout your life.  Memories of elementary school often resonate with many people.  Waking up day-after-day, riding the bus to school, taking books out of your locker, sitting in the classroom, listening to your teachers lecture.   Those memories stay with us, in part, because there was a strong continuity of experience.  […]

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