Sophie Lal

Sophie Lal

Founder & CEO

“Conferencing is today a fascinating technology that keeps challenging the boundaries of distance, time and communication quality! Witnessing and helping the way organizations benefit from it by sharing knowledge and caring support with passion, is the true everyday real reward.”

Sophie grew up in Paris, France where she received her B.A in Marketing and International Business from ISC (Institut Supérieur du Commerce) Business School. She started with Genesys Conferencing in the Paris sales department; Genesys was then the pioneer of automated conferencing and a small startup.

In 1995, Sophie moved to Denver, Colorado in order to complete her M.B.A at CU while serving as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as France Telecom (Orange) and US West (CenturyLink), as well as emerging high-tech companies in both Europe and the US. With the help of partners and key investors, Sophie launched MeetingOne in 1999, in downtown Denver.

Sophie takes pride in seeing MeetingOne prosper by empowering customers and their different use cases, all over the world, with the best audio and web conferencing technology supported by the best personalized customer service.

Always striving to achieve better user experiences for her customers, Sophie follows a model of excellence which is the basis for future MeetingOne’s success.


Joseph Rinaudo

EMEA General Manager

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

Joseph joined MeetingOne in 2009 as General Manager Europe. An Engineer with a degree from the Grenoble National Polytechnique Institute in France, he started his career with France Telecom in 1971 in charge of several key economic business studies until 1980.

Joseph spent the next ten years as General Manager of SMT Goupil, a French computer manufacturer linked to France Telecom.

He then led Newscreen Communications, a consulting firm specialized in the field of communications and services. Joseph conducted there, for eight years, strategic activities including the development of Jabber Inc. in the European market and various important projects for Adobe France.

Joseph directs the European branch of MeetingOne with the same drive and motivation that fuels all of MeetingOne’s efforts to thrive.

Nicolas Perdrillat

Nicolas Perdrillat

Founder & VP Business Development

Helping business be more productive is what makes conferencing the most relevant, in an ever changing world of technology.

Nicolas has extensive experience in the Telecommunications/IT industry, including at MeetingOne since 2001. In his current position and as a former consultant for Microsoft, Qwest (US West) as well as for smaller organizations, he has designed and managed software and information systems projects and services. At MeetingOne, Nicolas pioneered the Web meeting and eLearning offerings, the account management program, along with event services. He currently manages MeetingOne’s business development activities including partners, channels, resellers, and the ongoing account management program.  Nicolas has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Nicolas has worked diligently over the years to ensure MeetingOne strives as a leader in the conferencing industry. His efforts to build relationships with many partner organizations have, in turn, helped MeetingOne connect their customers with leading products and services.

Mary 2017-v2 headshot

Mary McMahon

VP Accounting & Finance

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mary brings MeetingOne more than 20 years’ experience managing finance teams for companies in diverse industries including manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Prior to joining MeetingOne, Mary held senior finance positions at MPC Computers, J.D. Edwards, and Ryder TRS and in her most recent position served as Corporate Controller for Copan Systems. Mary has significant experience working with companies to strengthen accounting processes, implement financial systems and improve overall operations.

Mary’s goal is to ensure all client’s billing experiences are well managed, and their interactions with the accounting department are positive. Mary strives to build strong and lasting partnerships with customers, highlighting those traits that make their businesses special and empowering them through the tailored application of process and technology.

Carol Nation

Carol Nation

VP Customer Service

Customer service = customer caring.

Carol has over 20 years of customer service experience that spans several industries as varied as mortgage banking, title insurance, and software support. She joined MeetingOne in 2009 and since then she has managed and has grown the customer support and services delivery teams with the goal of offering the best support and services in the conferencing industry.

Always working to enhance the support provided, Carol’s work has paid off in spades. Recognized for award-winning customer support, MeetingOne’s Support Team continues to provide the conferencing industry’s finest care.


Greg Sorensen

Sales Manager

Either run the day or the day runs you.


Greg joined MeetingOne in 2017 with nearly a decade of experience serving customer needs. He brought with him a know-how for providing organizations the solutions they need to achieve their business goals, and his aptitude for supporting clients at every stage of the sales cycle has led to better customer outcomes.

While at MeetingOne, Greg has helped improve internal sales processes, mentor new team members, and influence product development decisions. He has also fostered internal collaboration between departments and helped build MeetingOne’s vibrant culture.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Brittany Gurr Brittany Altschuld

Brittany Gurr

Director of Marketing & Visual Design

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Brittany joined MeetingOne’s growing marketing team in 2014. Over the years she has been a key contributor with spearheading the transformation of MeetingOne’s brand, voice, and applications. Owning both MeetingOne’s marketing strategies and product design, Brittany has tied in her aesthetic talents to create a cohesive and user friendly visual experience across the entirety of MeetingOne.  Her thoughtful and tenacious efforts have helped grow the company’s success and have made her a knowledge resource for conferencing technologies both internally and to customers.

Her passion for engaging product design, customer consideration, and creative marketing outreach has helped shape MeetingOne’s identity and culture.

Brittany holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from Colorado State University.


Michael Perkins

Product & QA Manager

“Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”Thomas Edison

Collaboration and communication have been at the forefront of Michael’s Product Management career. Having over ten years in IT leadership and the scholastic pedigree in interactive design and innovation, Michael has helped heighten critical thinking, creative problem solving, and smart implementation within the MeetingOne team culture.

As a leader at MeetingOne, Michael brings his passion of developing solutions towards solving the most demanding communication and collaboration challenges facing our customers today. Working closely with MeetingOne customers, Michael identifies the needs and champions their voice into MeetingOne products and expanding the Adobe Connect experience.

Michael is a key leader in facilitating product development, software development, product marketing, business analysis and internal operations to unify efforts in creating world class solutions

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