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Online Training Solutions

With the tailored MeetingOne suite of instructional products and services, HR departments and training organizations across the globe are re-imagining the possibilities of training. 

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Training needs are changing.

Modern expectations of training now demand greater engagement, cost efficiency, and global reach.  How can trainers adapt?

MeetingOne has the answer: online training in virtual classrooms. Our crafted and tested training solutions suite can help you achieve your online training goals.

Pairing effective conferencing tools with award-winning services allows MeetingOne to proactively meet the needs of training departments and training organizations when other providers fall short. 

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Adobe Connect on computer - perfect solution for enterprise

Effectively train thousands with our Virtual Classroom suite

More interactions, greater engagement with Adobe Connect

  • Virtual classroom products from Adobe Connect facilitate the instantaneous training of thousands.
  • Designed to engage, the Virtual Classroom Suite offers many features to keep participants active.
  • Built-in storage available for many content formats, including PowerPoints, PDFs, SWFs, JPEGs, PNGs, FLVs, MP3s, and MP4s.
  • Advanced indexing gives the most comprehensive engagement tracking.
  • Live virtual sessions can be recorded and later used for on-demand purposes – without losing interactive functionality.

Enhancing virtual training through advanced audio tools

Audio conferencing technology that goes beyond conference calls

  • AudioOne from MeetingOne offers dynamic tools, like Click&Meet, to enhance participant management during calls, and is an integral part of the Virtual classroom suite. Learn More about the Click&Meet Visual Call Interface tool.
  • MeetingOne’s preferred audio integration ensures seamless participant voice management through telephony and VoIP within the Adobe Connect interface.
  • Easily associate billing codes with calls to later simplify expensing & invoicing tasks and/or other projects.
Call Control & Call Management

MeetingOne can tailor a solution for any HR department or training organization

Click&Meet has been upgraded for a better user experience during audio conferences
  • On-boarding new conferencing technologies is easy as MeetingOne’s dedicated Customer Success Manager guides new clients through the process.
  • Production teams are readily available to manage and support technical aspects of your online events and conference calls.
  • MeetingOne offers numerous integrations, including an LMS LTI, APIs, and a powerful Outlook plugin, ScheduleOne.
  • Facilitating the adoption of virtual training into your programs is easy with MeetingOne’s coaching services.

Consultation Services that make an impact

MeetingOne’s consultation services ensure training delivery is as engaging – if not more – than traditional onsite sessions.

We make sure you have the right layouts, successfully convert classroom content for the online environment, maintain an interactive pacing, use all engagement tools available (e.g. Q&A, chat, polls, engagement dashboard, etc.), and learn the nuances of online delivery.

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