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Conference Call in Confidence with the new Click&Meet®

Don’t fret over your next large conference call! We’re putting the controls in your hands to host better conference calls! With the updated Click&Meet® interface, you can see and manage your calls better than ever before!

The new Click&Meet® is Flash-free, more intuitive, and has greater functionality than earlier versions. It guarantees a better conference call experience.

Compare new and old features in the chart below!

Take a Look at the Future of Conference Call Management!

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The Sleek, New Interface

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Even Greater Control, Made Easier

Check out the difference in features!

You still get everything you have with the current version of Click&Meet® – and so much more!

What’s Improved:

  • More intuitive user interface
  • Increased number of sub-conference rooms from 8 to 20!
  • Distinct icons for simple conference call management
  • Modern avatars with valuable participant information
  • Ability to define access to calls in-room
  • Drag and drop order of participants in Q&A queue
conference call management

What’s New:

  • We’re going Flash-free – the new C&M is based in HTML 5
  • Multiple ways to sort callers easily & efficiently
  • Ability to name, add or delete sub-conference rooms
  • Country codes available in-room
  • In-room call information, including start time and time connected

We’ll still include a button that allows you to jump to the current C&M – so don’t panic!

See How Click&Meet® 5.0 Compares to Older Versions

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Click&Meet 5.0 is the future of conference call management. 

Click&Meet Release Notes

Click&Meet 5.0 will move from the Early Access stage to General Availability on June 1st, 2018.

Shortly after, we will End of Life the current Click&Meet. The current version will no longer be available after August 1st, 2018.

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