Virtual Classroom Essentials

Developing the Capability to Design & Deliver Engaging & Interactive Virtual Classroom Training

virtual classroom essentials
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For all of the potential virtual training offers, many trainers & designers worry about the new setting.
They’re uncertain about gauging interest, driving engagement, and managing technical issues that
may arise.

Achieving better outcomes requires more than just learning how to use a platform. Developing a new mindset is critial. Virtual Classroom Essentials moves beyond platform training to address more nuanced aspects of virtual classroom training. 

Originally developed by a foremost expert in virtual training, the Essentials consists of interconnected virtual workshops intended to upskill trainers & designers for virtual classroom training. These workshops align to prepare trainers to be as successful virtually as they are when delivering in-person.

Success with Virtual Classroom Training

While training is often geared toward understanding how to work in a platform, successful virtual classroom training requires competence on many fronts.

Virtual Classroom Essentials takes you stage by stage through practices and processes to make the most of a toolset, build a robust skillset, and develop the right mindset.

virtual classroom essentials toolset
virtual classroom essentials toolset
virtual classroom essentials mindset

Cover a Range of Connected Topics

  • Leveraging platform toolsets to drive engagement
  • Adapting design skills for the virtual setting
  • Facilitating activities and discussion to maximize engagement
  • Developing plans for managing different roles & addressing issues
  • Participating in a 10 minute teach-back session

Acquire Valuable Softs Skills

  • Striking balance between engagement & information delivery
  • Identifying key differences between the virtual and face-to-face training
  • Adapting content for virtual classroom environment
  • Guiding conversations for productivity
  • Establishing a better pace for virtual delivery

Throughout the Workshop series, you’ll experience what it’s like to be a learner in the virtual space!

Explore the Full Set of Workshops

These workshops will teach you everything you need to know about delivering effective virtual classroom training. Join experts during live virtual sessions, then increase your understanding with supplemental resources.  

Workshops are sold as a full set, or individual modules can be bundled together.

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Workshop 1:  Adobe Connect & the Virtual Classroom

Maximize the existing toolset within Adobe Connect!

  • Improve your comfort level within Adobe Connect
  • Showcases which tools serve activities better
  • Teaches 6 ways to create experiences
  • Learn which tools to use – and when
  • Experience Adobe Connect from a learner’s perspective

Workshop 2:  Designing the Virtual Classroom Experience

Create a clear vision for your learners’ journey.

  • How to use virtual training to enhance broader learning program
  • Gain ideas for wireframing learners’ journey
  • Compare learning paths in f-2-f vs. virtual classroom
  • Determine what elements to use in virtual setting
  • Tips for adapting content to virtual training

Workshop 3:  Engaging an Invisible Audience

Balance engagement & information delivery.

  • Identify challenges & opportunities of the virual classroom
  • Learn the 4 factors that cause participant discomfort
  • Define facilitator’s role in virtual classroom
  • Learn how to encourage sharing experiences
  • Understand how to best engage your audience

Workshop 4:  Setup for Virtual Classroom Success

Be prepared to succeed.

  • Know what resources are available for facilitators & participants
  • Identify troubleshooting processes
  • Devise plan for delivering
  • Learn how to manage interactions between roles (producers, SMEs, etc.)
  • ID trouble areas for participants

Workshop 5:  An Opportunity to Practice

Hone your approach and messaging.

  • Teach-back with MeetingOne experts
  • Familiarize yourself with delivering in virtual platform
  • Practice using virtual classroom tools during delivery
  • Trial engagement techniques

Reach your full potential when training virtually!

We’ve crafted these workshops to be about you.

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