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Have better control of conference calls & online event audio.
Our Click&Meet support resources will help you learn how to leverage it’s the unique features to professionally host seamless call experiences.

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Click&Meet Support Resources

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Resources by Feature Set

Access Modes
  • Access Modes Guide
  • Learn how to manage these types of access:
    • Immediate Access
    • Screened Access
    • Coded Access
    • Locked Access
Quickstart Guide for Hosts
  • Call Quickstart Guide – Learn how to:
    • Log in
    • Open your audio room
    • Dial Participants
Sub-Conference Rooms
  • Sub-Conference Rooms Guide
  • Learn how to:
    • Open your sub-conference room
    • Idenfity types of sub-conference rooms
    • Understand sub-conference room
    • Close your sub-conference rooms Guide
Manage your recordings
Manage Recordings
  • Manage Recordings Guide – Learn how to:
    • Start & stop recordings
    • Access your recordings
    • Download your recording
Click&Meet floor request mode guide
Floor Request Mode
  • Floor Request Mode Guide
  • Learn how to:
    • Open floor request mode
    • Organize the queue
    • Move between callers

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