MeetingOne’s Customer Success Program

No matter the industry or organization size, we’ll craft a plan to achieve your goals.

Your Team's Success is MeetingOne's Priority!

We’ve simplified onboarding our products & services.

Bringing new technologies to your team doesn’t have to be hard! We’ve developed a Customer Success Program designed to guide frictionless transitions as organizations onboard our various conferencing products & services.

MeetingOne Customer Success Management (CSM) is intended to supplement Adobe Connect Tiered services for hosted, on‐premise, and Adobe Connect Managed Solution platforms and/or Adobe Captivate Prime. The offering represents a comprehensive package designed to meet the needs of large enterprise customers — especially those with mission‐critical applications based on Adobe solutions. MeetingOne’s CSM program is structured to complement Adobe Connect and Adobe Captivate Prime enterprise products and includes technical resources that cover both!

With MeetingOne, your team receives optimized training from the start to get the most out of your investment.

Your Success is Our Priority!

Evidence has shown that organizations who use onboarding services have better adoption rates, greater enterprise-wide usage, and higher ROI.

MeetingOne has seen first-hand the success that comes effective onboarding.  With high client retention rates, our team is well positioned to ensure your success!

MeetingOne’s Success Plan for New Customers:

MeetingOne Customer Success Program

Step 1:  Discovery Call

MeetingOne’s vision for assisting clients hinges upon understanding their needs and enacting the basics for a successful relationship.  It all begins with the Discovery Call, during which we will:

  • Explain MeetingOne’s role to the customer’s team & how we will be working together
  • Overview of products purchased and what will be onboarded
  • Explore the hurdles the customer currently faces
  • Discuss customer’s hopes and goals for how they will use MeetingOne
  • Learn customer’s team roles & responsibilities to help train the right people on specific functionality
MeetingOne customer success program

Step 2:  Onboarding and Product Roll-Out

With the needs of the customer understood, MeetingOne will begin to roll-out purchased products & services.  Attention is always paid to providing a simple, unencumbered transition.  To achieve this, we provide:

  • Full technical support as products and services are implemented
  • Administrative set-up with the MeetingOne Support team
  • Execution of account configuration plan
  • How-to sessions with the customer’s team to give product overviews & getting started trainings
  • Direct access to MeetingOne’s How-to resource center for video & user guides
customer success program

Step 3:  Role and Product Training

MeetingOne will build a timetable for conducting successful and effective training sessions with the customer’s team. We help organizations tackle potential training topics, such as:

  • Administrative training for all products
  • User training for all products
  • Basic to Advanced Adobe Connect Training
  • Basic to Advanced Click&Meet Training
  • Coaching for enhancing presentations in Adobe Connect (available as an add-on service)
  • Content review, development, and enhancement, to ensure content is being used to its fullest potential in Adobe Connect (available as an add-on service)
MeetingOne customer success program

Step 4:  Check-Ins and Continued Education

MeetingOne is dedicated to serving our customers over the long haul.  Our strategy is to perform regular check-ins and offer continued education, including:

  • Routine scheduled check-in calls to confirm the customer’s team is having success with products
  • Access to inspirational materials to optimize the customer’s use of MeetingOne conferencing products
  • Advanced training to create industry leading online trainings, meetings, and webinars (available as an add-on service)

Start your team’s success with MeetingOne!

Tell us your goals.  We can help you find the perfect set of products & services to transform your communication and collaboration!