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LMS LTI Integration

MeetingOne LMS Integrations for Conferencing

Designed to help you spice up your online courses, our direct or LTI standard integrations allow you to bring the versatility of Adobe Connect to your online courses. You can enjoy the benefits of launching highly interactive virtual classrooms directly from your LMS interface!

Our Top LMS Integrations include:

D2L Adobe Connect LMS Integration
Canvas LMS Integration
Blackboard LMS Integration
Moodle LMS Integration

Have a different LMS?  Our Adobe Connect LTI integrations can work with any LMS that is LTI compliant.  Ask us about yours.

Gain seamless SSO with Adobe Connect

Our direct or LTI integrations provide you immediate access to fully provisioned virtual classrooms

  • Launch Adobe Connect from your LMS platform for powerful blended learning.
  • Easily reuse or generate new profiles for your instructional needs.
  • The full integration of Adobe Connect means you can record and review live sessions!
Adobe Connect LTI

Create & provision virtual classrooms in minutes

Use our LMS integrations to provision virtual rooms for every course

  • Dive deeper into a topic with real face time in virtual classrooms.
  • Encourage learners to collaborate with Adobe Connect Breakout Rooms.
  • Allow learners to participate on the go – Adobe Connect is mobile compatible!

Humanize your online courses 

Virtual classrooms make learning much more personal!

  • Go beyond the chat board – use virtual classes to facilitate real conversations!
  • Adobe Connect can be customized to address unique learner needs.
  • Schedule virtual tutor sessions so learners can get more out of a course.
LMS LTI with Audio Integration

All our LMS integrations work with MeetingOne’s audio

Industry-leading audio quality helps improve online class sessions!

  • Avoid the VoIP hassle – users can dial in or be dialed out to by phone.
  • Program audio settings from within your LMS.
  • Advanced audio controls offer greater participant management.

Ready to bring virtual classes to your LMS?

MeetingOne products were built to go together!

Explore additional services & integrations to enhance your conferencing solution.

AC11 thumbnail

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing


Adobe Connect is an advanced web conferencing application that offers an interactive and captivating online meeting experience. Go beyond screen sharing for collaboration, online training, and large-scale webinars with the most powerful online sessions. Allow access directly from a mobile device and achieve better hosting management with file sharing, whiteboarding, breakout sessions, polling and so much more!


See what Adobe Connect can do!

audio-one-logoAudioOne Conference Calling

This industry-leading audio solution provides both traditional audio conferencing and integrated audio with Adobe Connect in one reliable, cost-effective package. Simple, secure and fully customizable, AudioOne is the next-generation solution for advanced audio conferencing needs.

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Click&Meet The online app turning conference calls into an experience

Conduct your conference calls with full control from your desktop. 

The future of conference call management is You-centric. We’re putting greater control & features in your hands with Click&Meet for AudioOne conference calling. See who’s talking, manage callers, & achieve better conversations with this intuitive interface!

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LMS Integration for Adobe Connect
LMS Integration for Virtual Classrooms

Enjoy the benefits of launching highly interactive virtual classrooms directly from your LMS interface!

Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and MORE!


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