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Why Adobe Connect for Virtual Trainings?

Engaged Learners

Create rich and engaging learning experiences that capture “switched off” learners’ attention. Use interactive storyboards, multiple learning aids, and customizable virtual training rooms to make learning more immersive and effective.

Efficient Instructors

Enhance instructor efficiency with reusable, persistent rooms for pre-work and orchestration. Empower instructors to create impactful experiences that support superior multi-instructor collaboration, effortless setup, and tight classroom governance.

Scalable High Quality

Scale high-quality training by sharing best practices as virtual training templates. Boost productivity by reusing classrooms, breakouts, and content. Eliminate repetitive setups and focus on what matters most—training outcomes.

Actionable Insights 

Boost participation, improve interactions, and quantify training effectiveness using real time engagement metrics and dashboards. Get actionable insights and reports on learning impact.

Your Virtual Sessions with Adobe Connect

Welcome to the Real Virtual. Experience total control over your virtual events with Adobe Connect. Craft stunning, customized experiences that captivate and engage your audience.

Engaging Meetings, Trainings & Webinars

Deliver dynamic training and learning sessions, create branded, interactive webinars, and host reliable, high-quality meetings—all tailored to your needs.

Trusted by Government Agencies

Government agencies rely on Adobe Connect for persistent virtual environments, ensuring secure, real-time information exchange for emergency preparedness and rapid response, enhancing inter-agency collaboration.

Why Adobe Connect?

  • Deliver real experiences with powerful storyboarding and engagement design capabilities.

  • Adobe Connect allows you, the creator, to use its versatile stage to design and deliver virtual training, webinars, and meetings that stand out.

  • Your story your way, always. Design your stage to deliver consistent and repeatable virtual experiences customized to your audience, style, and story.

  • Keep them engaged. Stay in complete control of the narrative as a host and drive engagement with thoughtfully designed interactions, throughout the story.

  • Present with confidence. Read your audience & collaborate with your crew behind the scenes, just like you would on a real stage.


Include everyone. Leverage the accessible design of Adobe Connect to reach millions of individuals with visual, auditory, or mobility impairments.

Join from anywhere. Reach a much wider audience with frictionless access via new HTML browser clients.

Extend your reach with accessible design and frictionless access.

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Adobe Connect for Virtual Trainings

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