Webinar Audio Control

Enhance your audio control during webinars!
Click&Meet brings live audio features and functionality to your desktop when producing live Adobe Connect webinars. Manage participant and speaker audio lines at scale as you produce professional online events.

Produce professional quality webinars in Adobe Connect with Click&Meet’s enhanced audio control interface.

Gain superior audience muting controls
and individual line management.

Manage Webinar Presenters and Audience audio separately to eliminate disruptions:

  • Configure call access for registered participants before the event.
  • Unmute Presenters automatically as they join the call with profile muting options.
  • Automatically mute audience lines when they enter the event.
  • Multi-click participant lines to unmute/mute during special discussion events.
Private audio rooms for behind the scenes speaker talks

Jump into behind the scenes audio rooms
for private Presenter and Producer prep

Before, during, or after – Talk with your team without your audience hearing!

  • Dial-out to connect Presenter or Producer audio from a private backstage Host Corner.
  • Assign a “Home Room” to your team to automatically pull everyone into sub-conference rooms.
  • Easily click and drag lines into the Main Conference and Sub-Conference rooms during live events.
Lobby room music options in adobe connect

Create a professional, welcoming Lobby experience for your audience with multiple music options.

Play music before your webinar begins to let your audience know they are in the right place.

  • Choose from a library of music genres.
  • Quickly toggle music on/off during the live event.
  • Use Quick Commands to easily turn off Doorbells and Audio Prompts.
Audio Q&A for Adobe Connect webinars

Conduct LIVE audio Q&A with easy-to-use queues and voluntary participant entry.

Increase engagement in your webinars by allowing the audience to ask questions on air.

  • Use the Floor Request Mode tool to manage a queue of participant lines.
  • On-screen controls easily skip or move to the next caller while keeping Presenters unmuted.
  • Automatically mute and unmute participants as you proceed through the queue.
  • Screen questions with the Host Corner.

Try the leading audio control companion for Adobe Connect Webinars.

Offering fully integrated audio for VoIP and phone lines, Click&Meet brings advanced audio control features to your producer’s desktop during Adobe Connect webinars. Simplify the management of Presenter and Audience audio, add advanced audio options, and conduct interactive audio activities with your audiences.

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