Use the Brain Rules to Improve Virtual Learning

The association between molecular biology and success in the workplace may not be apparent…at all. 

Or, at least not to most people.


For molecular biologist John Medina, he saw an important connection.  Turning to his understanding of how the human mind works, Medina realized that an appreciation of brain chemistry could benefit the workplace.


And we recognized that his tips could improve virtual learning!



Improve Virtual Learning with the Brain Rules

Although his research primarily focused on the genes involved in brain development, Medina recognized that his studies could be applied to the workplace.


As he dug deeper into the relationship between biology and work, Medina observed he could not only explain why people behave as they do in the workplace – he could advise on better management practices.  

Use 6 Brain Rules to Improve Virtual Learning

To further develop his ideas, he wrote the book, “Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School.”


All of the rules Medina brings up are interesting, but when it comes to the conversation about ways to improve virtual learning, six “Brain Rules” stuck out to us: Survival, Attention, Stress, Vision, Sensory Integration, and Exploration.


With these principles on hand, we decided it would be fitting to share what we’d learned with the world.  As a result, we took the above six “Brain Rules” and used them in an infographic to explore how to improve virtual learning, “6 Brain Rules to Create Dynamic Virtual Learning.”  Check it out!

Check Out the Brain Rules Webinar!

Not only did we create an infographic – we are also hosting a webinar that will talk at length about Medina’s ideas.  If you are interested in learning how to improve virtual learning, watch the MeetingOne webinar recording, “Use the Brain Rules to Deliver Your Best Learning.” You’ll get the insights you want into better training practices. You may learn a thing or two about molecular biology!