Virtual Classroom

Re-imagine the Virtual Classroom

Some memories stick with you throughout your life.  Memories of elementary school often resonate with many people.  Waking up day-after-day, riding the bus to school, taking books out of your locker, sitting in the classroom, listening to your teachers lecture.   Those memories stay with us, in part, because there was a strong continuity of experience.  […]

understand and encourage millennials in the workplace

Understand & Encourage Millennials in the Workplace

Portrait of the Millennial Generation Who (or what) are these “Millennials?  Overly pampered, participation-trophy-hugging, hippie-hipster crybabies?  Awkward creatures dependent upon cell phones and social media for life?  Or, are they the “Gadget Gurus” and social activists that are not only redefining the workplace but reshaping the world?  Different generations may want to paint them as this […]

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