Engage Learners with Adobe Connect Interactive Pods

It takes more than great content, new technology, and dynamic speakers to engage learners online. 


It is important to recognize that getting learners motivated, engaged and energized is what ultimately makes for a successful eLearning (or online training) session. It’s about providing learners a reason to want to learn.

Engage Learners in many eLearning settings

Since employee training can happen at any time, ensuring that your company has the tools in place to actively engage learners is an essential step for success.


What makes for a successful training is more than just building the skills and knowledge of your team. Companies that have made an investment in training report the following positive outcomes:

Forms of eLearning to Engage Learners

When it comes to learner engagement, it involves both behaviors (such as persistence, effort, attention) and attitudes of the person being trained (such as motivation, enthusiasm, and interest). The more engaged a learner, the more they retain and the better they learn.


Engaging learners has and will always be an intangible goal among learning professionals. With already existing challenges related to learner engagement in physical learning environments, online learning will always have extra barriers. The barriers of online learning revolve around the lack of personal interaction between the instructor and learner, as well as lack of learner-to-learner contact.

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Engaged vs. disengaged learners

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Engage Learners with Adobe Connect's Interactive Pods