Keeping up with eLearning & Virtual Training Tools


Virtual training ToolsVirtual training and eLearning represent huge shifts in the way businesses share information and educate their learners.

To say it’s swept up the corporate world would be an understatement.  The challenge has become simply keeping up!


Every day it seems technologies are being upgraded to enhance the learner experience – and increase their engagement with virtual training and eLearning content.  Greater engagement has been shown to expand the retention of information.


Learners who retain more of what they learn tend to be more productive.

Hard to argue with those results.


If you’re truly hoping to get the most out of virtual training tools and eLearning for your business, you need to a venue for encountering cutting edge tools and eLearning options.


The best setting available for the most advanced virtual training technologies is  ATD TechKnowledge.  



ATD TechKnowledge 

ATD Techknowledge represents the premier event of 2017 dedicated to the best in educational tech and virtual training tools.  And “TK” brings you the future.  Thought leaders in learningThe top learning tech vendors.  Everything you need for making your eLearning and virtual training successful.


TK is ideal for learning what trends and tools you should explore to keep up with your learner’s needs.


Whether you join a session or have meaningful conversations with exhibitors, you’re bound to come upon one inspiring idea or another.


For anyone eager to expand their training to the online setting, or enhance their curriculum, TK offers the ideal setting for learning what you need.



TK has Passed – but You still have MeetingOne!

Well, TechKnowledge has passed for 2017.  We hope you were able to attend and learn more about the growing trends in eLearning.


Although TK is over, your virtual experts at MeetingOne have all the answers you need for keeping up with changing trends in eLearning & virtual training tools!


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