How Virtual Training Can Protect your Team from the Coronavirus

Virtual Training, Virtual Events & the Coronavirus

As most of us are aware, the coronavirus, COVID-19, is an air-borne virus, capable of being communicated up to 6 feet away. This makes crowded spaces like airports hotbeds for transmission.


The other scary part about the coronavirus is its tendency to be contagious even when symptoms aren’t apparent.


In the areas that have been hit hardest, commuting to offices is not recommended. And international travel is discouraged.

use virtual classrooms to take precautions against coronavirus


Many organizations have teams around the world that need to stay up-to-date on products, services, and policies. And as the global economy continues to grow, you can bet new-hire training will remain pertinent.


In-person training is often relied upon to facilitate these sessions. In light of the current crisis, it’s both unwise and potentially infeasible to send trainers around the world.


The best solution to protect your teams and keep up on training: Virtual classroom training & virtual events.



The Benefits of Virtual Classrooms & Events

The benefits of virtual classrooms & events are readily apparent – even when there isn’t the need to protect teams from the coronavirus.


Virtual classroom training brings learners dispersed around the globe into one shared space – without all the hassle. No bloated travel costs. No layovers. No wrong turns in unfamiliar cities.


Additionally, virtual classrooms provide a comfortable place for learners to engage. We believe virtual classrooms are ideal for adult learners. They take the classroom feel of in-person training and provide many more outlets for engagement. Chats, polls, Q&As, whiteboards, breakout rooms – all tools to drive engagement and interactions.

adobe connect webinar_ webinar marketing is easier with adobe connect

After years of seeing organizations succeed with virtual training, we feel confident saying virtual classroom training can be as effective – if not more effective – than face-to-face learning.


With the threat of the coronavirus on every continent, it makes all the more sense to transition away from in-person sessions and go virtual. Virtual training will ensure your teams stay up on their training without being put into risky situations.



Adobe Connect

Among virtual classroom platforms, the preferred tool among users is Adobe Connect. (Read about the G2 report.)


It’s also the tool we build our solutions around. Here are some of the key factors we’ve found improve trainer experiences:

  • Entirely customizable, Adobe Connect allows trainers and designers to create truly immersive sessions.
  • Rooms can be templatized for recurring sessions.
  • Rooms are persistent, so the content added to them won’t “disappear” when you end a session.
  • Instructors can create as many rooms as they need.
  • Connect offers a built-in content library, and materials can be shared across an account.
  • And each room can enjoy a unique vanity URL.


Like all good virtual classroom platforms, Adobe Connect can be integrated into Learning Management Systems. Connect can then be launched from course paths. This creates a better means for learners to engage each other & their instructors than just leaning on discussion boards.

Adobe Connect display on computer monitor

Virtual classrooms simply enhance learning programs, and Adobe Connect is the best option on the market.


When organizations come to us expressing their concern about the coronavirus, we have no hesitation lining them up with Adobe Connect. We know they’ll get the experience they want while keeping their teams safe.



Avoiding Hazard, Remaining Engaged

We’ve been having many vital conversations with organizations as they try to find solutions for their pertinent business needs. (For reasons of confidentiality, we will not be stating their names.)


An association we work with is one such example. A non-profit scientific organization that facilitates exchanges between scientists around the world, the association found themselves in a difficult situation with the coronavirus.


Their annual conference has been planned for months. They are expecting speakers and attendees from across the globe.


With the appearance of the coronavirus, they want to avoid putting speakers & attendees at risk – without canceling the event. They turned to MeetingOne for an answer.


We helped them envision a hybrid solution. Those speakers and attendees able to travel to Phoenix, AZ, will still do so, but the sessions will also be streamed via Adobe Connect to ensure a great experience and the right opportunities for engagement. With large room capacity options, they will be able to accommodate hundreds of attendees.


To make sure the event goes off without a hitch, our team can be on-site to produce the virtual side of things. Paired with our proprietary audio integration, speakers and participants should have a solid connection and positive experience.



We’ve also been in touch with several organizations in Hong Kong eager to keep up their training, as well. They’ve requested assistance strategizing around virtual classrooms to accommodate as travel becomes limited.



Though slightly different in need, we’ve recently helped a University boost their webinar capacity so they could reach a larger audience as their resident health expert could present on the challenges and nature of the coronavirus.


The session was delivered to individuals connected to the Public Health Learning Network. It spoke to important matters regarding protecting the public in case of a possible outbreak. These types of announcements are critical at present. Reaching as broad an audience as possible was essential.


We’re glad to have been able to help the University.



These various groups are turning to virtual classrooms to ensure they create meaningful training sessions – without putting the people involved at risk of contracting the coronavirus.



Stay Safe!

While the coronavirus is causing many problems, we should all be thankful for the conveniences of modern communications technology. It is a blessing that many organizations can maintain regular work practices and still protect teams from harm.



We’re glad to be assisting many organizations with large, international teams. Serving our customers so they can help their communities – that’s what it is all about.


If you have concerns about running trainings or meetings that may put your people at risk, we’re available to help you!  Contact our product specialists today!