Captivate your audience with Voilà’s dynamic and immersive streaming video platform, designed for compelling storytelling and interactive experiences.

MeetingOne firmly believes that live stream video is the new standard of communication, whether to engage, sell or entertain. With this in mind, MeetingOne strives to offer the most versatile, narrative and interactive end-to-end streaming video platform to engage your audiences.

Unleash your creativity with Voilà Studio!

Craft detailed, engaging programs, avoiding monotonous monologues. Prepare captivating activities like polls and quizzes with ease. Organize and animate all essential elements in advance.

Plan your scenes with precision—assign speakers, slides, and videos to each segment. Enhance your presentation with jingles, slides, videos, and banners to keep your audience hooked.

Transform your events with interactive moments that captivate and convert. With Voilà Studio, you’re in complete control of a truly dynamic experience.

Full HD Quality – Minimal Latency – up to 200,000 people!

  • Integrate the Voilà player, as well as your program sessions, on any third-party website of your choice, providing a completely seamless experience for your audience.
  • Broadcast your streaming videos in full HD quality with minimal latency and provide the best video experience for your audience.‍
  • Broadcast your streaming shows globally, even in China, with a scalability of up to 200,000 people, and on any device to reach a wider audience.
  • Use Voilà directly in your web browser, without downloading any software.
  • Enjoy adaptive streaming. The video quality is adjusted according to the conditions of the participant’s network.

Maintain total control over your brand image.

Create a unique experience by customizing your streaming video broadcast page according to your brand image. Integrate the graphic elements of your brand (customizable backgrounds, logos, speaker banners, etc.).

Offer a total immersion in your universe thanks to the white label player, no mention of Voilà appears. You can also customize the URL and domain name of your broadcast.

A quick look at features before, during, and after the event:

Invitation and registration:

  • Customizable email invitations
  • Registration of participants (individual or group)
  • Distinctive registration (on-site/remotely)
  • Management of e-mailing campaigns (distribution, collection, statistics)

Dedicated website and customization:

  • White label platform – no mention of Voilà
  • Responsive website
  • Customization of the site dedicated to the streaming event (logo, images, colors, banner…)
  • Live presentation page (content, sessions, speakers)
  • Integration of Voilà Player on a website or on an external application (iFrame)
  • Personalization of emails (predefined template)
  • Customization of the sender’s email address
  • Personalized URL and domain name
  • Customization of the registration form (predefined template)

Streaming Event:

  • Multi sessions (simultaneous)Full HD video quality and low latency
  • Video player customizationResponsive live player
  • Display modes: 16:9 (landscape) or 9:16 (portrait)Streaming Event in “full Mobile” mode
  • Automatic transcription (speech-to-text)
  • Live machine translation
  • Velotype (tool integrated to the platform)
  • Multilingual
  • Backup stream
  • Multi-websites / Multi-speakers
  • Live script management with the conductor
  • Display of the number of people connected during the livestream.
  • A wait loop, video or music

Voilà Studio:

  • Console for live video production
  • Management of streaming event and content (evergreen content video, text, image)
  • Scene composition (with templates or live edits)
  • Addition of internal notes to describe the tasks to be done

Voilà Live Stream:

  • Accessible from a QR code (from the backoffice)
  • Instant video capture and broadcasting application on the Voilà platform
  • Advanced features (video quality camera inversion, PTZ camera, lens selection)
  • Compatible with IOS and Android


  • Chat room
  • Questions (anonymous/nominal mode)
  • Question moderation
  • Quiz
  • Emojis
  • Poll
  • Wordcloud
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Attendance sheet
  • Photowall
  • Slide deck
  • Display of the video in superimposition
  • Integration of 3D objects (with or without clickable links)
  • Extended screen remotely – Deportation of interactions on the mobile
  • Extended screen in the room – Access to interactions on the mobile
  • Raid (Voila or external player session)


  • User account management (profiles, delegation of access rights)
  • Speaker management (profile, biographies, featured on the site)
  • Streaming event management (configuration of services: formats, interactions, display)
  • Streaming event supervision
  • Enabling / Disabling services during live broadcasting
  • Multilingual backoffice (FR / EN)

Data and Analysis:

  • Real-time audience curve
  • Dashboard (audience timeline, reactions, questions, messages)
  • Satisfaction survey (at the end of the session)


  • Automatic deletion of data (contract period)
  • ISO27001 certification


  • Redundant hosting
  • Automatic restart of services
  • Auto-scaling solution
  • Anti-virus protection

Access control:

  • 3 types of access available: private access, registration, direct access


  • Available immediately after the event
  • Recording video sources
  • Download video files for editing
  • Possibility to add the replay on the event website (duration 30 days before deletion)

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