Your all-in-one broadcast solution! 

Voilà is the live streaming platform dedicated to hybrid and digital events, which offers unique and engaging experience for organizers and attendees.

Voilà is a dynamic platform dedicated to hybrid and virtual events.

Whether it’s an ‘All hands’ meeting (with all your employees), a ‘Town Hall’ (where everyone can have their say) or a simple announcement, Voilà is a platform built around AWS technology to deliver high-quality interactive video streaming and secure, low-latency content delivery making it the perfect solution if you’re looking to reach audiences ranging from hundreds to thousands of attendees. Voilà offers a unique array of tools and analytics that elevate the virtual experience for both your organizers and attendees. Stop paying for licenses that you’ll only use once; with Voilà you only pay on a per-attendee basis. In other words, you’re billed per participant, not per registration.

Voilà effectively bridges the gap between in-person and virtual sessions by offering:

  • Full HD Video Capture: Pre-recorded content or live webcam feed
  • Scalability: Accommodate up to 100,000 participants effortlessly, ensuring that your message reaches the widest possible audience.
  • Customizable Branding: Tailor the video player to align with your brand, creating a seamless and professional virtual experience.
  • Engagement Tools: With over 10 interactive activities, Voilà maximizes audience engagement, fostering meaningful connections in virtual spaces.
  • Analytics Insights: Gain valuable insights into participant behavior and engagement with detailed analytics reports, empowering you to refine and enhance your virtual events.
  • Live Broadcast Quality Production: no need for a control room!

There is more than one way to prepare a streaming event. See how Voilà features are designed to adapt to each step, before, during, and after the event.

Invitation and registration:

  • Customizable email invitations
  • Registration of participants (individual or group)
  • Distinctive registration (on-site/remotely)
  • Management of e-mailing campaigns (distribution, collection, statistics)

Dedicated website and customization:

  • White label platform – no mention of Voilà
  • Responsive website
  • Customization of the site dedicated to the streaming event (logo, images, colors, banner…)
  • Live presentation page (content, sessions, speakers)
  • Integration of Voilà Player on a website or on an external application (iFrame)
  • Personalization of emails (predefined template)
  • Customization of the sender’s email address
  • Personalized URL and domain name
  • Customization of the registration form (predefined template)

Streaming Event:

  • Multi sessions (simultaneous)Full HD video quality and low latency
  • Video player customizationResponsive live player
  • Display modes: 16:9 (landscape) or 9:16 (portrait)Streaming Event in “full Mobile” mode
  • Automatic transcription (speech-to-text)
  • Live machine translation
  • Velotype (tool integrated to the platform)
  • Multilingual
  • Backup stream
  • Multi-websites / Multi-speakers
  • Live script management with the conductor
  • Display of the number of people connected during the livestream.
  • A wait loop, video or music

Voilà Studio:

  • Console for live video production
  • Management of streaming event and content (evergreen content video, text, image)
  • Scene composition (with templates or live edits)
  • Addition of internal notes to describe the tasks to be done

Voilà Live Stream:

  • Accessible from a QR code (from the backoffice)
  • Instant video capture and broadcasting application on the Voilà platform
  • Advanced features (video quality camera inversion, PTZ camera, lens selection)
  • Compatible with IOS and Android


  • Chat room
  • Questions (anonymous/nominal mode)
  • Question moderation
  • Quiz
  • Emojis
  • Poll
  • Wordcloud
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Attendance sheet
  • Photowall
  • Slide deck
  • Display of the video in superimposition
  • Integration of 3D objects (with or without clickable links)
  • Extended screen remotely – Deportation of interactions on the mobile
  • Extended screen in the room – Access to interactions on the mobile
  • Raid (Voila or external player session)


  • User account management (profiles, delegation of access rights)
  • Speaker management (profile, biographies, featured on the site)
  • Streaming event management (configuration of services: formats, interactions, display)
  • Streaming event supervision
  • Enabling / Disabling services during live broadcasting
  • Multilingual backoffice (FR / EN)


Data and Analysis:

  • Real-time audience curve
  • Dashboard (audience timeline, reactions, questions, messages)
  • Satisfaction survey (at the end of the session)


  • Automatic deletion of data (contract period)
  • ISO27001 certification


  • Redundant hosting
  • Automatic restart of services
  • Auto-scaling solution
  • Anti-virus protection

Access control:

  • 3 types of access available: private access, registration, direct access


  • Available immediately after the event
  • Recording video sources
  • Download video files for editing
  • Possibility to add the replay on the event website (duration 30 days before deletion)

Why a unified platform for your events and your livestreams ?

A unified platform makes it possible to save time, to be more secure, to have better data control, to have real savings.

More reasons to get Voilà 

Voilà, a cutting edge live streaming event platform for all your needs

Do you have an internal meeting coming up ? A presentation for your clients or an important meeting with your partners and shareholders ?

Let us make it unforgetable with Voilà !