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Adobe Connect Support Resources

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Adobe Connect 12.5.1 is here!

Adobe Connect Resources

setting up meetingone audio integration for adobe connect in 3 simple steps
Audio Integration

Adobe Connect

  • Enable MeetingOne telephony for Adobe Connect  Guide 
  • Create an audio profile  Guide 
  • Use integrated audio  Guide 
  • Audio Options for Adobe Connect Rooms Guide
  • Participant audio options  Guide
In-office team working with remote worker
*Pods and room functionality are the same for all Adobe Connect Rooms.

Quick Start Guide 

Web Conferencing Accessibility
Seminars (Webinars)
*Pods and room functionality are the same for all Adobe Connect Rooms.

Quick Start Guide

Planner Organizer Date Events Schedule Concept
Event Module

Register and join events Guide

  • Creating an Event
    • Make sure you are choosing the content that MATCHES your license type: Meeting, Seminar(aka)Webinar Manager, Virtual Classroom (aka)Training
  • Preview and modify a registration or event
  • Change an existing event
  • Send and manage event invitations
  • Create and modify templates and the Event Catalog
  • AEM Webinars Integration with Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect Gold Partners - Webinars
Virtual Classroom
*Pods and room functionality are the same for all Adobe Connect Rooms.

Quick Start Guide

Adobe Connect Gold Partners - Virtual Training

Adobe Support

employee who appears please with adobe support
Adobe Support

Get Adobe’s help for all things Adobe Connect! Dial 800-422-3623 for immediate support.

Adobe connect custom pods
On-Demand Training

Trainings to watch on your own schedule from Getting Started to Administrative Reports and everything in between.

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System Status

Find out about system status and scheduled maintenance for Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect information is near the bottom of the page.

Resource Hub

Check out Adobe Connect’s Resource Hub – Unboxing Excellence!

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User Community

See what the Adobe user community is talking about or post your own question or topic for discussion.

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Feature Request / Bug Report

Have an Adobe Connect feature request or bug you’ve discovered that you’d like to submit to Adobe?

Send an email to

Adobe Connect FAQs

No, a download is not required. However, Adobe Connect recommends upgrading to the latest version of the Adobe Connect desktop applications available here. Although these are not required for joining or hosting Adobe Connect 12 sessions, they include an improved user experience.

Yes. You can download the free Adobe Connect App from Google Play or the Apple App Store.


No. Each individual Named Host has the ability to host a meeting with up to 100 total attendees. A Named Host may create an unlimited number of meeting rooms, however, the Named Host can only use one of their rooms at any one time and rooms cannot be accessed unless the Named Host is present. Named Hosts must be individuals, not groups or generic logins, and a Named Host license cannot be shared between more than one individual.


Yes, you can begin recording your meetings at any time. Doing so is simple.

  1. In your meeting room, select the dropdown next to the meeting room name in the upper left corner of the room.
  2. Select “Record Meeting.”
  3. A window will appear prompting you to name the recording. We would advise you do so.
  4. When you are done recording, follow the same steps and select “Stop Recording.”

When a session is recorded in Enhanced Audio/Video Experience enabled room, an MP4 version of the recording is automatically created and is available shortly after the meeting recording is stopped. The recordings created are not available in interactive format. For more information on see Mp4 recordings vs Interactive recordings.

The Video pod can now show up to a maximum 50 videos in a room. If the number of active videos in the Video pod goes beyond 25 then additional pages of 25 videos each will be created (up to a total of 50 videos).


Your webinar’s performance can be affected by your computer’s connection to the internet, your internet service provider, and the overall internet traffic in your area.

However many the room holds based on the room size purchased.

Yes you can, or you can create a new meeting room URL.

No. You can save it to the shared content folder within Adobe Connect Central. You can then bring the content into your room using the Share Pod.

  1. In the Share Pod, select the drop-down arrow.
  2. Select “Share Document.”
  3. In the left column of the new window, select “My Content.” This connects you with the content in your admin hub.
  4. Choose the content you want to share in your room.

After 5 minutes without the licensed host logged in, everyone will be demoted to a Participant, even those previously promoted to Host/Present that don’t have an assigned license.

Yes. Up to 20 with MeetingOne’s integrated Audio are available.

Yes, if using VoIP only or AudioOne only. If utilizing Universal Voice (UV), which allows both VoIP and AudioOne participants to interact with one another in the main conference room, VoIP and AudioOne participants are unable to interact with one another in sub-conference rooms. A MeetingOne customer service representative can discuss functionality details with you.

MeetingOne Audio (integrated audio/VoIP) integrates into Adobe Connect allowing you to monitor and control participants from the Adobe Connect interface (mute, unmute, breakout rooms, etc.).

No. We have international audio rates available. We encourage international participants to ALWAYS use the audio feature vs. the VoIP as connectivity can be delayed and spotty so if someone is on VoIP the conversation will be delayed.

Schedule ahead of time – Schedule the meeting in advance so you can have time to organize all the necessary material and information you will be sharing.  Upload the day before – upload your presentation and supporting documents the day before so you can preview it without time constraints.  Inform your audience – Notify your participants in advance with e-invites or emails with the meeting time, conference number and Adobe Connect Meeting URL.

We offer additional services: webinar production and operator assist. Your MeetingOne account representative can discuss options and pricing with you.

You can contact customer support by dialing 888.523.8445 or the audio host can dial 0# from their phone (if using integrated audio) to bring a MeetingOne service representative directly into your meeting.

MeetingOne is your all inclusive Virtual Conferencing provider, meaning we can give you Audio AND Web conferencing services AND we can help produce your Events.

Online instructions are available on our website’s AudioOne Support section. Here’s the link.

Yes. Adobe Connect has a YouTube channel with great content. Here’s the link.

Need help? 

Basic technical support is available for MeetingOne products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have an urgent matter preventing you from using our services and need immediate attention, please call us!

+1 (888) 523-8445

+1 (303) 623-2530

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