“Can you hear me now?” No more spotty audio during your conference calls!

No one wants their call to be interrupted by the constant “Can you hear me now?” or “What did you say? You cut off during that last part.” Did you know that interrupted audio during conference calls is the leading cause of your colleague’s dropping off of your call? Well, that may or may not [...]
Host your online meeting with Click&Meet

How Click&Meet’s Newest Features Enhance Your Online Meeting

By empowering users to host a strictly controlled and engaging online meeting, Click&Meet is the perfect audio companion for Adobe Connect. Its easy-to-use host settings, high-quality audio, and intuitive interface make it an obvious choice for industry-leading businesses hosting audio calls, online training sessions, and even large webinars. We're happy to announce that an update [...]

Are you maximizing the value of your virtual events?

New Features: Empower your attendees and hosts with Click&Meet Pro Producer If you’re a corporate trainer or webinar manager, then you know just how powerful it is to have engagement tools available to your virtual attendees. Great engagement empowers attendees to get the most out of an online meeting, training, or webinar. But effective collaboration [...]