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New Features: Empower your attendees and hosts with Click&Meet Pro Producer

If you’re a corporate trainer or webinar manager, then you know just how powerful it is to have engagement tools available to your virtual attendees. Great engagement empowers attendees to get the most out of an online meeting, training, or webinar. But effective collaboration features are hard to come by. Too many of our customers struggle to communicate adequately with their online event attendees, and their online event hosts are feeling the pressure!

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce new features for Click&Meet Pro Producer, MeetingOne’s Adobe Connect audio companion. This update includes a powerful new suite of features to keep your attendees engaged and provide your hosts with more control.

With many employees still working from home due to COVID-19, connecting in new ways with your team, trainees, and sales prospects, continues to be a hurdle. At MeetingOne, we are very excited to showcase the new features we’ve launched to help you optimize your online events.

More collaboration, less death by PowerPoint

One of the most exciting new features of Click&Meet Pro Producer is the peer-to-peer and group chat feature. Pro Producer allows users to privately message individuals or send out mass chats to the entire room. It’s never been easier to join in on the virtual conversation.

Peer-to-peer and group chat help keep users engaged throughout your virtual meeting—a crucial aspect of running a successful online event and elevating the attendee experience.

More notetaking, less multi-tasking

It can be far too easy with online events to start multi-tasking, to the dismay of hosts everywhere! A common method to avoid getting distracted during an online event is to take notes. Taking and retaining notes helps ensure attendees get the most out of an online event.

Now, thanks to the latest version of Click&Meet Pro Producer, documenting your event and experience is a seamless process. Participants can download their personal notes or chat conversations in a plain text (TXT) file. Unlike some other platforms, no extra browser extension or additional app is required to export your notes.

All downloaded meeting notes and chat conversations are also time-stamped, so memorializing your meeting is effortless. It’s unrealistic to think every employee can attend every meeting. That’s no big deal if you’re using Click&Meet Pro Producer to host your online meetings and events! Once notes are downloaded, you can share them with any individual or team.

Since the notes are already in plain text, no styling or re-formatting is needed. This feature will help developers who already work exclusively with plain-text files and don’t want to mess with re-formatting rich text.

More time saving, less time wasting

Click&Meet Pro Producer has had directories for a while now. However, now using our persistent directories, hosts can dial out to their teams and attendees with just one click. With a faster and simpler start process, your meetings will be both more productive and less time-consuming.

Creating groups within your directory is also now seamless. All hosts need to do is drag and drop individuals into their desired groups. This feature makes it easy for hosts to get the meeting set up before the event even begins!

More conversation, fewer disruptions

From participants holding side conversations to dogs barking in the background, virtual meetings can quickly get out of hand. Those interruptions don’t just cause frustration for hosts and participants, but they also lead to less productive meetings and a waste of time for everyone involved.

With our enhanced muting functionality, hosts and presenters can easily see which participants or groups are making noise and mute them straight away with just a click.

More connections, fewer frustrations

Click&Meet Pro Producer allows users to join the meeting via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or their telephones. These connectivity options allow for a more flexible and collaborative virtual meeting. However, when VoIP connections are weak or unreliable, meetings get less productive and more frustrating for other participants.

With Click&Meet Pro Producer, hosts can address weak VoIP connections by removing individuals from the meeting and asking them to reconnect via telephone. Since individuals each have a VoIP or telephony icon associated with their avatar, it’s easy for hosts to see how participants are connected to the meeting room.

More group discussion, fewer lectures

Small group breakout sessions increase the effectiveness of in-person meetings, training sessions, and events by fostering thoughtful conversations. The sub-conference rooms in Click&Meet Pro Producer ensure those breakout sessions aren’t lost when you take your meeting online.

Pro Producer allows users to create up to 20 sub-conference rooms for each virtual event. Drag and drop attendees into the sub-conference rooms and let them talk amongst themselves.

Hosts won’t be left out of the individual discussions—they can pop in and out of the different rooms with no trouble at all. If hosts want to see what attendees discuss in the sub-conference rooms, all they need to do is drag and drop their avatar into the chosen room.

Additionally, Click&Meet Pro Producer’s sub-conference rooms allow VoIP and telephony users to collaborate in the same sub-conference room.

More choices, more confidence

Although Click&Meet Pro Producer can’t teach you a new language, it does allow users to choose between English, French, and Dutch language options. Once your language preference is selected, save it for all of your future meetings! The ability to save your language preference makes it easy for hosts to get meetings up and running in a matter of minutes.

The team at MeetingOne developed these new features with you, our customer, in mind, and we’re so excited for you to try them!

If you’re a MeetingOne Customer, you can start encouraging more collaboration and control for hosts with a free trial of Click&Meet Pro Producer. See for yourself how these new features can elevate your online meeting experience.

Feel all of these features in action and watch your conference and virtual event management become much more streamlined.

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