Producing Adobe Connect webinars can feel overwhelming - but we can help!

Producing Adobe Connect Webinars without Getting Overwhelmed

About six months ago, with body trembling and palms clammy, I produced my first webinar.  Well, really, I helped produce a webinar – it was my first time in the “producer” role.  (Hey – co-producer counts.)   Hundreds of attendees joined the event, and during the course of the 30-minute webinar, they asked our production team […]

Select the best web conferencing platform....or else

What to look for in the Best Web Conferencing Platforms

  It’s amazing how much you learn after working in web conferencing for a few years.  I know I’ve certainly gained a lot of experience.   Before I joined MeetingOne, I thought “Skyping” could be used interchangeably with other industry terms.  So, so naïve.   In this short time, I’ve played many roles: participant, meeting […]

Crafting a perfect webinar agenda

Creating the Perfect Webinar: 4 Part Series

So you want to put on a perfect webinar, huh?   First time?   10th time?   126th time?   Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you’re bound to hit walls that leave your webinars less than perfect.  Its message wasn’t compelling enough.  Your audience left a tad disappointed.  Those unruly technical troubles just […]

webinar agenda for webinar dry runs and webinar storyboard

Webinar Dry Run Agendas Pt.1: Building Your Webinar Storyboard

Compelling topic?  Check.  Engaging speaker?  Of course.  Outlined the topic in your slide deck?  Done and done. (Not done? Read the prep section!)   Excellent! It sounds like you’ve done everything we’ve recommended in preparation for your first webinar dry run.  It’s time to begin the webinar storyboard process!   The webinar’s first dry run […]

Cement your webinar presentation with our webinar agenda

Webinar Dry Run Agendas Pt. 2: Cementing Your Webinar Presentation

With roughly one week to go before the big day, it’s time to host your second webinar dry run. This dry run can take upward of two hours.   Based on the first rehearsal of your webinar presentation, you’ve hopefully built out your webinar storyboard.   Storyboarding includes: Drafting and dry running through your initial slide […]

webinar agenda to finalize webinar details

Webinar Dry Run Agendas Pt. 3: Finalize all Webinar Details

 Your webinar is rapidly approaching.  Most of your preparations have been made.  But there is plenty more to finalize.   If you’ve been following our series so far, we’ve guided you from the storyboarding stage to the improvement of your webinar presentation.  Now, it’s time to finalize all of your webinar details!     Two days […]

webinar checklist for all your webinar needs

Webinar Dry Run Agendas Pt. 4: The Day-Of Webinar Checklist

    The time has come to hold your killer webinar.  All of the work you’ve put in, the three webinar dry runs you’ve rehearsed, all the storyboarding and revisions, finally comes to bear fruit. (Did you skip a step? Jump back to the series overview)   On this final day, it remains ever critical […]

Gartner Magic Quadrant

On Top Again: Adobe Connect Leader in Gartner Critical Capacities

(Updated January 19th, 2017.) There aren’t many business tools that rank as the best year after year.  Adobe Connect is one of those products! For the ninth year, Adobe Connect has been identified as a leading web conferencing platform in Gartner’s “Critical Capacities.”  Adobe Connect came out on top in two critical capacities use-cases for […]

Multiple Webinar Speakers

Rock Your Next Webinar with Multiple Webinar Speakers

Having several webinar speakers present during your online sessions is an excellent way to add a differing or complementary perspective to a single topic.  And multiple speakers can drive participant interest, expand your audience base, and increase webinar attendance. Here’s the problem.  Multiple perspectives mean multiple voices.  And if those voices fight for the same […]

Relieve the Pressure of Online Event Facilitation

Relieve the Pressure of Online Event Production

At your desk, you like to daydream a bit.     You dream of an amazing opportunity: Hosting a webinar featuring a business productivity expert.  It’s a two-for-one: you can provide the team a quality training and draw attention to the company.  Then you recall your plans for perfecting an online training course.  It’s a project […]

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