A Better Way to Host Large Adobe Connect Events

I once wrote about the uneasiness (fear) I felt producing my first large Adobe Connect event. It was a marketing webinar we were hosting, and my stomach was tied up like a series of messy knots.   Knowing what I know now, I never want anyone else to feel overwhelmed when producing an Adobe Connect event. […]

online training and educational webinar

Differences between an Online Training & an Educational Webinar

  There’s an old idiom you don’t hear much anymore: “An embarrassment of riches.”  When you have a lot of options to choose from and struggle to know where to start, you suffer from the embarrassment of riches.  That’s what it feels like with online training these days. There’s on-demand, self-paced, or mLearning.  Or it […]

Webinar Follow Up email

Sending the Webinar Follow Up Email

You nailed your webinar invite.  Had excellent webinar attendance.  And delivered an engaging presentation. …Now what?  How do you keep the conversation going?   NOW you send your registrants a webinar follow up email thanking them for attending. (Your webinar follow up email may differ for those who just registered vs. those who actually attended). […]

Webinar Invite

Nailing the Webinar Invite to Drive Attendance

 You’ve put together a webinar you know people would flip over. (Or at least that’s the hope…) Don’t waste your efforts by slacking on the webinar invite! . Webinars are primarily used by organizations looking to distinguish their brand, connect with new people and share their expertise and passion. The trickiest part of hosting a webinar […]

increase marketing roi

Increase Marketing ROI with Adobe Connect Webinars

Do your marketing efforts ever feel like they’re just not connecting with audiences enough?     Maybe your social posts get clicks, your blog gets views, and your eBooks are read, but there’s just not enough personal contact to get leads past that “Discovery” stage.     What’s the solution?  Webinar Marketing.    Over the […]

Adobe Connect Rooms editing

Enjoy Behind the Scenes Editing in Adobe Connect Rooms

Have you ever been in the middle of an online training or virtual class, only to remember you forgot to place a polling question? Or perhaps you’ve hosted a webinar and realized in the middle of the presentation that you didn’t upload the eBook you were going to give your participants as a takeaway!   Ugh, […]

bandwidth issues

Overcoming Bandwidth Issues during Web Conferences

Have you ever attended a web conference (online meeting, virtual training, webinar, etc.) where the leading speaker’s webcam feed was glitchy and the audio was coming in choppy? “There…when we consider our debt…….. However…….a new business vision……we can only hope……….. Great!  Any questions?”   Uh…. maybe…   These annoyances often tie back to bandwidth issues.  You […]

Producing Adobe Connect webinars can feel overwhelming - but we can help!

Producing Adobe Connect Webinars without Getting Overwhelmed

About six months ago, with body trembling and palms clammy, I produced my first webinar.  Well, really, I helped produce a webinar – it was my first time in the “producer” role.  (Hey – co-producer counts.)   Hundreds of attendees joined the event, and during the course of the 30-minute webinar, they asked our production team […]

Select the best web conferencing platform....or else

What to look for in the Best Web Conferencing Platforms

  It’s amazing how much you learn after working in web conferencing for a few years.  I know I’ve certainly gained a lot of experience.   Before I joined MeetingOne, I thought “Skyping” could be used interchangeably with other industry terms.  So, so naïve.   In this short time, I’ve played many roles: participant, meeting […]

Gartner Magic Quadrant

On Top Again: Adobe Connect Leader in Gartner Critical Capacities

(Updated January 19th, 2017.) There aren’t many business tools that rank as the best year after year.  Adobe Connect is one of those products! For the ninth year, Adobe Connect has been identified as a leading web conferencing platform in Gartner’s “Critical Capacities.”  Adobe Connect came out on top in two critical capacities use-cases for […]

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