Build the Perfect Webinar

Trying to build the perfect webinar?


I have unfortunate news; that will never happen. But that’s okay. It’s okay because each webinar you develop and produce will help you better understand what you can do to keep improving in the future.

Build the Perfect Webinar


“What’s dangerous is not to evolve” – Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon

When you get down to it, it’s really not about building a perfect webinar.  It’s much more important that we take webinars as learning opportunities.  At the end of each webinar, you should review what you did that was successful and not so successful.  With this knowledge, you can keep evolving your webinar process to better meet your attendees’ needs.


The question is not “Can I create a perfect webinar?” but “How can I build a webinar that speaks to my target market AND achieves my goals?”


Striving for a Perfect Webinar

Your goals may be to generate new business leads.  Maybe you’re trying to develop brand awareness, or improve customer retention.  Perhaps you’re looking for more effective ways of transferring knowledge to your employees. Regardless, you need to build a webinar that has a purpose.


Once you have the purpose, you need to determine how your webinar is going to flow. Start creating a checklist, because you are going to need to know at a minimum:

  • Who will be your webinar host(s)
  • Who is your content expert
  • What platform will you host this webinar on (watch our interactive webinar recording for an analysis of your options)
  • Who your target market will be for the webinar
  • How long will your webinar be and when it will take place
  • If you will need a webinar producer (we recommend always having a facilitator for large events!)
  • What type of audio will you use: VoIP, integrated audio, or dial-in (use our checklist to help make an informed decision about your audio needs)
  • How you will keep the webinar interesting and engaging
  • How many emails will you send out to drive registration, and when
  • If you provide additional collateral, like a handout or webinar recording to webinar registrants
  • If registrants will have to pay to attend, or if it will be free



Use your next webinar as your benchmark, and keep changing your flow and format until you find what works best for your business and target audience. You may have multiple webinars that speak to a variety of target markets, and in that case, no webinar should be alike.

Get creative, have fun and most important of all: Don’t strive for a perfect webinar.  Strive for great content.  Strive to help and engage your attendees.  And strive to keep improving your webinar process.

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