How to Optimize the Adobe Connect Chat Pod for Better Experiences

Adobe Connect offers one of the most robust feature sets on the market. While tools like the Engagement Dashboard and Share Pod are best in the market, we have to recognize that many of their more basic tools are equally important.


Foremost among these is the Adobe Connect chat pod. Chats are essential to every online meeting and event.

  • They offer an alternative form of participation to verbal exchanges.
  • They give everyone an opportunity to express their thoughts.
  • They provide a great tool to engage audiences during lectures and presentations.


In this blog, we’re going to offer you guidance for making the best use of your Adobe Connect chat pod.


Basics of the Adobe Connect Chat Pod

Create a Chat

Create a new chat whenever you need, or reuse existing pods you’ve created. Select the Pods tab on your menu bar, scroll down to Chat, and make your decision: New Chat or reuse an older one. I try to reuse chats to eliminate clutter. Be sure to name the pod when its in your room so you have a better frame of reference for it.

video example of adobe connect chat pod in action

If you do wind up creating a lot of chat pods, know that when you hover over the up and down arrows, the system scrolls fast.


Using the chat is very straightforward. You type in what you want to say in the form field then hit “Enter” on your keyboard or select the bubble button.


Manage Your Chat Pod

Chats in Adobe Connect last forever. No joke! The persistent functionality of Adobe Connect rooms means your chats will be around until you get rid of the text by selecting “Clear Chat.”


If you’re not careful, though, these pods can add up. I’ve been using the same Connect Room for many years. In that time I’ve created a fair number of Poll pods. If you find yourself with pods gathering dust, you can delete a few. The process is very simple.


Select the Pods menu in the top bar. You’ll see all of your pod options. Scroll to the very bottom. You should see “Manage Pods.” Select this option.


Every pod you’ve ever created will appear in the List. Polls, chats, shares, so on and so on.

  • Identify the Pod you want to remove.
  • Select the Delete button at the bottom.
  • The pod will be deleted.


If you need to manage pods in bulk, hit the “Select Unused” button. It will highlight every pod that has not been used. Then, click “Delete.” All of those pods will be erased. Every room needs the occasional Spring Cleaning!


Be aware of Adobe Connect chat pod’s character count:

  • Sending a chat message: 1024 characters
  • First time history fetch: 250 messages
    • Upon joining any meeting,  the most recent 250 messages are fetched from the server.
    • If there were more than 250 messages, scrolling up will not display the older messages. To read those older messages, simply choose the option to email the chat content
  • Character limit retained in the chat: 50,000 RTF characters (after which it is trimmed to half or 25,000 characters)
    • The character trimming executes every time the character count reaches 50,000
    • The warning message reappears when the character count reaches 80%  of the limit
    • Emailing the chat while the warning message is still on will email the entire chat thread


Lastly, you can pull chat pods in from any other Layout in your Adobe Connect room. This can prove helpful when configuring several layouts if you want one running through them.


Private Chat

Not all chats should be seen by our audiences during larger meetings, events, or trainings. That’s why Adobe Connect offers users the ability to chat with Hosts & Presenters, as well as individual participants.

adobe connect private chat functionality enabled

In the drop-down menu, select “Start Chat With.” This will pull up three options:

  • Hosts
  • Presenters
  • A participant list

By selecting Hosts or Presenters, a new chat tab will appear. Anything you write in that tab will only be seen by the individuals in those groups.


As for the participant list option, you can scroll through all the participants in an event and pick the person you wish to chat. (In the example below, we see private chats open with two participants.)

chatting in Adobe Connect MOOC

Private chat is a better medium for answering long-winded questions than the Q&A pod, for example.



Two more quick notes:

  • Private chats glow orange when a new comment has been made.
  • You can disable participants from privately chatting each other by changing your pod preferences. Select “Preferences” and uncheck the box beside “Enable Private Chat for Participants.”


Optimize the Adobe Connect Chat Pod

Now that you know the basics, let’s level up to optimization.


Optimize for Experience

When chats are all the same color, it can be easy for them to blend together. Adobe Connect allows everyone in the room to pick the color they want to use. These colors include:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Black

When a speaker uses a different color, it makes it much easier for the audience to identify their comments.

example of changing colors in Adobe Connect chat pod

Connect also hosts to turn on “Chat sounds.” Every time someone enters a chat, the system dings. This makes it easier to monitor the chat during smaller events. (We would advise against using it in a large event.)


Optimize for Accessibility

Beyond colors, the Adobe Connect chat pod also allows people to change the text size in their view. Increasing text size can help improve accessibility needs for certain participants. In the menu, scroll to “Text Size” and increase to the desired font size.

example of changing text size in adobe connect chat pod

This is limited to individual’s view, so it’s advisable to tell participants  to increase text size before your meeting or event starts.


Optimize Your Transcripts

Chats can be exported directly to your email. In the chat pod menu, you can select “Email Chat History.” Immediately, the chat transcript will be sent to the email address associated with your account.


So, where does the “optimizing” come in? Tracking the exchanges with timestamps. In the same menu, select “Show Timestamps” to enable. Timestamps allow you to more easily navigate through conversations and pinpoint important discussion points. 


Run Multiple Chats during Events

Adobe Connect is the only platform that allows users to run multiple chats at one time. This functionality is great for online training and webinars. For our webinars, we always run an Event Chat that stays in the main room view throughout the event. We will then occasionally pull in a second chat to encourage discussion around a specific topic.


You can give each chat a specific focus. Let’s say you want to spark some fun conversation early. You could create a chat pod that reads “Dog Lovers,” and another chat that reads “Cat Lovers.” You would then direct attendees to share their feelings on the animal they love! (Hopefully, there would be no feuding!)

example of concurrent chat pods in adobe connect

Multiple chats can drive engagement during your important online events. And engagement is critical in the retention of information and learning!


Improve Your Entire Conferencing Experience

Make sure you use these pointers to make the most of your Adobe Connect chat pod. They will help you enhance your experience in Adobe Connect!


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