MeetingOne Employee Spotlight with Molly Rowland

Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Molly Rowland

This month we spotlight our Customer Service & Web Conferencing Specialist, Molly Rowland. Not only does Molly provide the best assistance to our MeetingOne customers, she is also happy to help out her teammates and is a strong team player. Molly comes into work every day with a positive attitude and always makes things light and fun.


“She goes above and beyond for customers and coworkers, no task is too small or big for her,” our Customer Success Manager shared. “She is a true team player and makes a wonderful asset to the Customer Support team.”


“Molly is always the first person to offer assistance when help or insight is needed.  I can always count on Molly to put the customer’s needs first, and she always comes in the office with a can-do attitude,” our Customer Support Specialist shared with me.


Molly’s passion for customer care and putting the customer first makes her a great candidate for the employee spotlight!


Molly Rowland, Customer Service & Web Conferencing Specialist

Molly joined the customer support team in 2018 as a Customer Service Rep and quickly became Customer Service & Web Conferencing specialist. She attended the New England Institute of Technology where she majored in Digital Media Production. Molly has been a huge help to the customer support team and providing the best assistance possible to our customers.

An Interview with Molly Rowland

I was excited to sit down with Molly and hear about her success at MeetingOne and also get to listen to what she likes to do outside of work. Molly and I had a great conversation, and I loved how much she cares for our customers and takes that job very seriously.  Here’s what Molly had to say:


  1. How do you contribute to MeetingOne’s success?
    I take care of our customers – and genuinely care about them.  I try to relate and understand their struggle and do my best to help them fix their problem.
  2. Greatest accomplishment/ success working at MeetingOne?
    I’m happy to have built a great rapport with so many customers. When I’ve worked with a customer to resolve a problem, it’s a great feeling to know they are confident and comfortable calling in again because they can trust me – and our team.  I like to see that I have helped them calm down and feel comfortable talking with me.
  3. What do you love most about your team?
    The diversity – we all have different personalities, but we all get along so well.
    2019 CS Team Picture
  4. What is one obstacle you’ve overcome at MeetingOne?
    I’ve gained a lot of confidence working at MeetingOne. I’m a relatively shy person, but working with customers every day and having such an encouraging team has helped me gain confidence and find a voice.
  5. What is the most exciting project you are working on right now?
    Right now, I am working to become more involved in event production and scheduling. I’m excited to work on building rapport with new customers and improving as an event producer.
  6. What do you like most about working at MeetingOne?
    It is a great work/life balance.  It is also a smaller company, so you get to know more people on a personal level.  It makes it much easier to work with people.
  7. What is your favorite memory working at MeetingOne?
    Halloween.  The customer support team dressed up as the characters from Clue, and we won the costume contest!IMG_0408
  8. What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received?
    The key to solving any problem is in how you perceive the problem.  Have a plan, a backup plan, and a positive mindset for anything and everything; if two out of three fail, one will save you.
  9. Any fun hobbies or what do you like to do during your free time?
    I love to hike and do nature photography.  It is a goal of mine to visit all of the national parks.