MeetingOne Awarded 2017 Adobe Connect Partner of the Year

A special announcement from Adobe:

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“In a year that Adobe Connect exceeded its goals and put into action significant plans to continue improving the platform, one partner stood out: MeetingOne.

To recognize their exceptional contribution, Adobe has named MeetingOne as the 2017 Adobe Connect Partner of the Year for North America.

MeetingOne distinguished themselves on many fronts.  Their deep knowledge and support of Adobe Connect, combined with their audio integration, make them an ideal provider for Connect users who host online meetings, trainings, and webinars.

In addition to their proactive, 24/7 support, MeetingOne developed a Customer Success Program to help clients onboard Adobe Connect for all their users.  MeetingOne’s Base & Full-Service Webinar Production services have guided hundreds of customers through countless successful online events.

MeetingOne has also continuously refined their approach for delivering customized solutions ideally suited to the needs of the most demanding customers.  Adobe Connect applauds MeetingOne for this investment.

Through these efforts, MeetingOne has bolstered their commitment and dedication to provide excellent service for Adobe Connect and Audio customers. Congratulations to MeetingOne as the 2017 Adobe Connect Partner of the Year – we look forward to their accomplishments in 2018!”


– Jeanie Conly – Adobe Connect Partner Manager


MeetingOne Year in Review

A Letter from MeetingOne’s CEO, Sophie Lal:


Sophie Lal

Receiving the 2017 Adobe Connect Partner of the Year award was both a very proud and humbling moment for us here at MeetingOne.  We are thrilled to have been recognized for the second time in three years.


We wouldn’t be here without our engaged and loyal customers who’ve kept us motivated to keep innovating and growing with their needs, nor without our excellent collaboration with all the Adobe teams, whether in the technical, support or marketing departments.


We’ve done many things in the past year to enhance our customers’ experience and keep our products, integrations, and professional services of the highest quality possible.  Each step we’ve taken has been in-line with our vision to provide our customers the best conferencing solutions available in the industry.  And they all played a role in our being named Adobe Connect Partner of the Year!  (Read more about them below.)


2017 was a spectacular year for MeetingOne, and being the Adobe Connect Partner of the Year was the cherry on top.  As the CEO of MeetingOne, I am proud of my team and their tireless efforts to continue innovating our products, services, and support for our customers. We’ve continued expanding our solution-based approach to help clients get the products and services they need, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels!  2018 is a new year, and we want it to be even better than 2017.

Here’s to our customers and an even better 2018!

2017 Adobe Connect Partner of the Year


Sophie Lal


P.S. I’d also like to note one more thing: Almost 40% of MeetingOne’s employees are women.  That’s almost 15% higher than the High-Tech industry average.  And being a female CEO, it makes me so proud to see these wonderful women excel in their positions!

M1 Ladies


Sophie Lal – Founder & CEO

Sophie grew up in Paris, France.  In 1995, Sophie moved to Denver, Colorado. With the help of co-founders and key investors, Sophie helped launch MeetingOne in 1999, in downtown Denver.

Sophie takes pride in seeing MeetingOne prosper by empowering customers and their different use cases all over the world with the best audio and web conferencing technology supported by personalized customer service. Always striving to achieve a better user experience, Sophie has established a model of pursuing excellence that has ensured MeetingOne will continue have success well into the future.


Here’s What We did in 2017!

Growing the MeetingOne Team

At MeetingOne, we believe it is essential that we continue investing in our team to ensure we can proactively tend to our customers’ needs.  In 2017, we expanded our international teams to strategically grow MeetingOne’s internal expertise and skillsets as we continue to push our products and services to new heights.


To maintain the best customer service among Connect resellers, we added positions to both our traditional Support and Event Production Teams.  We strengthened our engineering department by bringing on seasoned developers and product managers.  Finally, we worked diligently to continue to enhance our customer experience and to delight our customers by adding support and training staff focused on customer success.


Broadening MeetingOne Services

Having the right support is critical to the success of our customers.  So, over the course of 2017, the MeetingOne team developed several new programs and services to pair with our existing and award-winning support offerings.  Each was proactively intended to help customers seamlessly onboard our conferencing solutions and continue to use the tools we provide them more efficiently.

These exciting new MeetingOne services include:


The MeetingOne Customer Success Program – See it here!

Our Customer Success Program helps customers onboard the various conferencing tools they invest in with us.


We aim to maximize our customers’ investment in our tools and services so they get the most out of their communication and collaboration.  The Customer Success Program is part of that goal.  We see inspiring and positive results! Many of those many businesses and institutions we’ve helped have streamlined their processes and increased productivity.

Adobe Connect Partner of the Year


Base and Full-Service Event Production – View these services

Businesses around the world use Adobe Connect and MeetingOne’s conference calling platform, AudioOne, to facilitate engaging and productive conference calls, meetings, trainings and online events (i.e., webinars and webcasts).


MeetingOne’s Base and Full-Service Event Production services help organizations of all sizes put on such events. We assist with the technical and logistical aspects of these productions, and we can provide guidance for hosting better online events and large-scale conference calls.


Technical Account Manager Offering – Learn More

MeetingOne’s new Technical Account Manager (TAM) provides organizations white-glove support for MeetingOne technologies and our Adobe Connect tiered services.


Designed to help large enterprises make the best use of our conferencing solutions, a TAM can assist with any need an organization may have in the day-to-day use of our tools.

Adobe Connect Partner of the Year


Coaching and Event Facilitation – Get the full overview

MeetingOne established coaching and event facilitation services that provide customers hands-on coaching with the development of highly engaging events in the online environment.


Among these services is the offering to assist with the creation and design of graphic materials for events.  We can help organizations produce event banners and collateral to ensure audiences remain captivated and engaged during and after events.


Managed Services

To help organizations better manage their on-premise instances of Adobe Connect, MeetingOne introduced Managed Services in 2017.  We can help our customers with operating system patching and backup, database maintenance and firewall configuration, as well as provide uptime and availability monitoring.


These new initiatives, along with our other outstanding services, help our customers protect their investment and achieve their communication and collaboration goals.  We feel it is essential we have these various offerings in place so we can ensure the conferencing solutions we tailor ultimately help our clients succeed.


New and Updated MeetingOne Integrations

Atop these programs and offerings, we’ve continued to diversify MeetingOne integrations.  These integrations make it possible for our customers to remain agile and use Adobe Connect and AudioOne across departments and 3rd party applications effectively.

New to our list of integrations are:


LMS Integration for Conferencing – Learn more

As the name suggests, our LMS integration allows customers a Single Sign-On option for access to Adobe Connect and AudioOne from their preferred Learning Management System.


Based on Learning Tool Interoperability standards, our integration brings quality audio and virtual classrooms into online courses for LMSs like Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle.  And it gives instructors the ability to schedule one-off and recurring events.


AudioOne API – Discover what this API can do!

We’re very excited about this new product.  The AudioOne API allows our users to bring conference calling functionality and provisioning into the various 3rd party business applications and legacy systems they use as daily tools.


The AudioOne API makes it easy for groups to hold discussions without having to start up the conference calling platform.

Adobe Connect Partner of the Year


These new and innovative products are the latest in a series dating back to our original conference calling technology we developed in the late 90s. Many of our integrations, like MeetingOne’s proprietary audio integration, remain ideal enhancements to Adobe Connect. In fact, our audio integration is even preferred by the Adobe team – we are proud to say they use it in-house themselves!

(Expect to see big changes to our conference call visual interface, Click&Meet, in 2018!  It’s going to revolutionize the way you manage and conduct your conference calls.)


More Content Resources for MeetingOne Customers – Visit our content library!

Empowering our customers as always been a core value.  That’s why, at MeetingOne, we continue to create inspirational content and host informative, thought-leading webinars.


Over the last 12 months, we’ve created numerous new eBooks and eWorksheets, along with dozens of blogs, to help customers make the best use of their conferencing tools.  And we are proud to say that our webinar program has continued to put our viewers in touch with industry thought leaders they may not otherwise have been able to access.

Adobe Connect Partner of the Year



It was a Great Year at MeetingOne!

We are thrilled that 2017 proved to be successful.  It goes to show that when you’re dedicated to the goals of your customers, you’re bound to achieve great things.  And being named the 2017 Adobe Connect Partner of the Year is just that type of result!


Learn more about MeetingOne’s vision and mission!