Adobe Connect 11 Meetings

Scale your meetings like never before with Connect 11. Make memories from intimate sessions or harness Connect 11’s true power and scale up to engage with large, global, and diverse audiences. We know what you wished for, and we’ve built it. 

Premium Features


Personalization & engagement


Real-time information


Access anywhere with HTML5

Adobe Connect Meetings bring you together

Personalization & engagement 

Did you wish your virtual prospect & partner meetings could be as effective as in-person meetings?

The success of a virtual sales pitch or product demo or interview depends on the personalization and engagement you can drive with the participants. Replace PowerPoint monologues & video fatigue with a custom branded virtual environment that enables engaging storyboarding, interactive content for hands-on demos, asynchronous document reviews, breakout discussions with experts & much more.

Real-time information

Did you wish you could create virtual huddle rooms for real-time information exchange?

Leverage Adobe Connect’s secure, scalable, and accessible virtual environments as persistent command centers for real-time critical information exchange. You can create your portals with dashboard views, file share, and Chat Pods suitable for your use cases such as war rooms, huddle rooms, or customer support. Much of the interactivity of these virtual environments persist even in on-demand recordings, which can help you connect with participants beyond live meetings.

Frictionless access

Did you wish for a solution that enabled frictionless access for internal and external participants without compromising security?

Allow external partners or prospects to seamlessly join from any modern browser or device without requiring addins or downloads.

Adobe Connect’s native content capabilities allow remote employees to work effectively, even in low network bandwidth conditions.

Enable rich and highly collaborative interactions

  • Create, monitor and manage multiple breakout rooms to focus discussions
  • Support any online meeting scenario, from simple document reviews to 24×7 rooms for managing mission-critical operations
  • Leverage a broad set of collaboration capabilities with “pods” that deliver rich functionality, like attendee management, sharing, notes, video, whiteboard, polls, and Q&A
  • Provide greater meeting accessibility for all attendees with complete keyboard navigation, screen reader support, hot keys, and closed-captioning extensions

Highly secure communication and compliance

  • Choose an industry-leading solution used even by the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Deploy a solution with advanced security, compliance, and privacy controls
  • Support your audience with Section 508 accessibility standards features
  • Select the most appropriate deployment option for your organization: hosted, on premise, or managed service.
  • Comply with government regulations and internal policies by safeguarding, storing, and tracking electronic communications within Adobe Connect