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What Makes Adobe Connect Different? Customization

Each and every online event is unique. Different speakers, different content, different audiences.  Even if you’re hosting a recurring virtual training, or redoing a past webinar, the engagement levels and outcomes may vary. But one of the things I’ve noticed is that most events are basically the same. And it doesn’t seem to matter what platform […]

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MeetingOne Awarded 2017 Adobe Connect Partner of the Year – A note from MeetingOne’s CEO

MeetingOne Year in Review A Letter from MeetingOne’s CEO, Sophie Lal: Receiving the 2017 Adobe Connect Partner of the Year award was both a very proud and humbling moment for us here at MeetingOne.  We are thrilled to have been recognized for the second time in three years. We wouldn’t be here without our engaged and loyal […]


What Makes Adobe Connect Different? Persistency

Let’s say you’ve spent hours preparing polls, slide decks and documents to share during recurring online training events. You upload them to the virtual room before the first training begins.  The event goes well.  Excellent! But once you shut down that virtual classroom, what happens?  With most platforms, the content you uploaded will not be there […]

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Small Business Owners: Get More out of Your Conferencing Platforms in 2018

Small business owners face numerous obstacles.  There are no two ways about it. Whether it’s scarcity of funds and resources, expanding your workforce, staving off competition, or growing your customer base, small business owners have significant challenges to overcome.  And if 2018 is like any other year, things won’t necessarily get easier. The best way […]


Turn Your Adobe Connect Room into a cMOOC

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have become popular in the last decade.  In 2012, when MOOCs appeared broadly, only 1.2 million students participated in these online courses.   By the end of 2016, 58 million students participated in 6,850 courses through 700+ universities (and other organizations).  Like I said, popular.  Immensely popular.   So, what exactly are MOOCs?  A MOOC is “a model for […]

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The Right Ingredients for a Spicy Webinar Title

Do you know where webinar marketing really begins? Before the emails, the social posts, the online ads…you have to create a compelling webinar title. There’s no doubt about it. Your webinar title has to be catchy – even spicy! Zest and character go a long way in spiking interest in potential attendees.  Most importantly, the title has to […]

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What does Online MBA Innovation Look Like? Read the St. Mary’s College Case Study

These can be difficult times for professionals looking to get an MBA.  There are a lot of MBA programs out there.  Some seem designed to churn out degrees and grads.  And a lot of these programs are moving online.  These factors can make it hard to know which school or program offers the best route. An MBA […]

What is the Difference between an Online Training & an Educational Webinar?

There’s an old idiom you don’t hear much anymore: “An embarrassment of riches.”  When you have a lot of options to choose from and struggle to know where to start, you suffer from the embarrassment of riches.  That’s what it feels like with online training these days. There’s on-demand, self-paced, or mLearning.  Or it could […]

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La Poste’s Success with Virtual Classes

In 2016, Le Groupe La Poste of France had one important goal to achieve: Provide seniors a tablet unique to their needs.  The result was Ardoiz. Ardoiz is a tablet designed to provide seniors an affordable and easy way to connect with family and contacts.  It also offers seniors practical access to important news, as […]

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Increase Marketing ROI with Adobe Connect Webinars

Do your marketing efforts ever feel like they’re just not connecting with audiences enough?   Maybe your social posts get clicks, your blog gets views, and your eBooks are read, but there’s just not enough personal contact to get leads past that “Discovery” stage.   What’s the solution?  Webinar Marketing.  Over the last ten years, webinars […]

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