The Next Generation Virtual Classroom

Add a classroom environment to Zoom and Teams

Class is a next generation virtual classroom developed by Class Technologies Inc., a company founded by edtech pioneer Michael Chasen. Focused exclusively on online synchronous learning and virtual instructor-led training for education, corporate, and government, Class enables the active learning of 10M+ users from 1,500+ institutions worldwide and is the largest provider of virtual classroom software for education.

Class for Corporate use

Work connected

Class is a live virtual learning environment that supports human-to-human learning at scale, providing an opportunity to bring content to life and foster true connections between employees and with your organization.

Class enables active learning experiences centered around the same human interactions—group conversations, practice and feedback, breakouts and collaborative projects—that are usually associated with in-person learning, but now accessible from any location or device.

Class for Education

Improve blended, hybrid, & virtual instruction

Class empowers teachers to bring creativity, innovation, and connection into the virtual classroom with interactive tools and dashboards that allow them to replicate the in-person experience more easily in a virtual setting, such as enhanced breakout rooms, automated attendance and focus tracking, and embedded web pages and quizzes.
Learning is no longer subject to time and place. Advances in technology and practice now allow learning to happen anywhere, any time — without sacrificing the rigor and relationships of traditional instruction.

Top ‘Class’ features


Improve Learner

Deliver a dynamic and personalized online learning experience to better engage learners with interactive screen sharing, highly collaborative sessions, and virtual whiteboards. 


Facilitate meaningful

Provide the tools needed to share ideas and collaborate effectively with enhanced breakout rooms and integrations that make it possible to work simultaneously on shared documents.


Streamline Course
Setup & Delivery

Save time spent on administrative tasks, like preparing sessions and rostering learners, with course templates and a real-time integration with your LMS to sync rosters, content & grades.


Leverage Analytics & Automation

Expand the reach of virtual offerings with interactive recordings, and demonstrate efficacy with data dashboards that report key automated metrics like session engagement and participation. 

Class is trusted by 10M+ users from 1,500 institutions worldwide. Join them with MeetingOne