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MeetingOne provides the most advanced identification, accessibility, & screening features for conferencing security.

Committed to Secure Conferencing Solutions

MeetingOne products are forever innovative, feature rich, & uncompromisingly secure.

The modern workplace demands communication technologies be succinct and nearly instantaneous. As demand for virtual and remote communications grows and new use cases arise, MeetingOne remains committed to making communication and collaboration efficient without compromising on information security.

After working with security sensitive organisations for nearly two decades, MeetingOne’s IT and Engineering teams have committed extensive time integrating security into every aspect of our product portfolio. We cater to the trust our clients put in us to deliver conferencing solutions that pair best-in-breed communication and collaboration products and services, with industry leading security and control features.

MeetingOne has the security features your organisation needs for successful conferencing.

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The Most Secure Web Conferencing

We’ve partnered with Adobe Connect, a leader in web conferencing and security.

  • Adobe Connect meets the European Community standards and is ISO 27001 Certified & SOC 2-Type 2 Compliant.
  • Adobe Connect’s security controls range from physical and environmental protection to remote or wireless access restrictions.
  • Role-Based Access Controls & Dynamic Privilege Management help organisations manage participant admission into virtual rooms.
  • Session locks secure online meetings once an event has begun.
European Community Standards
Conferencing compliant with Hippa
International conferencing compliance

Highly Protected Audio Conferencing

MeetingOne conference calling is trusted by the US Departments of Defense & European Parliment.

  • Layered security controls and access codes help gate access to conference calls.
  • Conference calls can be set up to require Individual Access Codes (IACs) before entering an audio room.
  • Host Dial-Out requires room hosts dial-out to desired participants, limiting access by undesired guests.
  • Individualised muting allows hosts to manage participants inappropriately discussing sensitive matters.
  • Advanced call visual interface (Click&Meet) provides call hosts tools to identify & expel suspicious callers.
  • Call snooping detection services ensure important conference calls are not breached.

Account Management for Organisation-Wide Security

MeetingOne’s Online Account Information (OAI) portal and Adobe Connect Central allow administrators to define security measures across any organisations.

  • Contacts can be uploaded into OAI with predetermined roles and privilege levels.
  • Adobe Connect allows administrators to determine virtual room features they want disabled, including: File Sharing, Screen Sharing, and content uploading or downloading.
  • All call recordings under MeetingOne’s supervision are in stored and transmitted with AES – 256 encryption.
  • White and blacklists of applications can be managed in Adobe Connect to limit exposure to unauthorised sites or processes.
  • Use our secure portal to pay your bills online.
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Secure Deployment of Web Conferencing

Conferencing security needs are different for every organisation. MeetingOne offers flexible deployment options for Adobe Connect.

hosted services for enterprise confrencing

Adobe Connect Hosted SaaS

Provides instant access to Adobe Connect hosted on our servers. Hosted SaaS helps organisations overcome the challenges of hardware or software installation, setup, and maintenance.

hosting options for enterprise conferencing

 Adobe Connect Managed Services

Outsource your IT management to us, and we’ll take care of installation, upgrade and management while you retain the benefit of control, additional security options, and customisability of an on-premise deployment.

enterprise conferencing solutions can be hosted on-premise

Adobe On-Premise

Deploy Adobe Connect behind your firewall and integrate with your IT infrastructure giving you complete control over how you set up and manage your environment.

Audio & Web conferencing security whitepaper

Learn what conferencing security features your industry needs!

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the features necessary to manage threats & meet industry regulatory compliance.

Review industry specific security and accessibility regulatory standards MeetingOne and Adobe Connect have met.

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