AudioOne Dialing Options

MeetingOne offers many different ways to connect to your conference.  These convenient dialing options allow you to control your conferencing costs as well as provide access options for your participants across the globe.

MeetingOne offers a range of dialing options:

International or Local Access Numbers (Dial In) – Participants from various locations can dial into their audio conference using a local access number in their home country, or if their country is not available from our local access number list, using one of our International access numbers. International/Local Access numbers cover 40+ countries around the world. A second step will be to dial the audio room number of the host.

Dial Out – The meeting host can dial-out to participants and bring them into the conference call.  Please contact MeetingOne customer service to benefit from this option. The meeting host will pay for dial out charges.

Dedicated access number/Dedicated room (Dial In) – Join the conference call easily and quickly! The ordered access number is dedicated for your use only and allows users to directly join your conference call without dialing the audio room number.  Host and participants dial the local dedicated number, or the international number (in this case, each user will pay his/her own international charges).

From Adobe Connect
(Dial Out) – If the meeting host (Connect / AudioOne) authorizes and enables this option, meeting participants can call themselves from their own Adobe Connect interface simply by typing their own phone number in the pop-up window that appears on their computer screen. The cost of these calls is then supported by the host.

Scheduling an audio meeting is easy

No booking is necessary. To schedule a meeting using any of these dialing methods, simply select a meeting time and provide attendees with the conference room number and applicable access numbers. As the host, please open your conference room prior to the scheduled time so participants are not placed in the waiting lounge.

Need assistance?  Please contact our Customer Service (see above Contact Support).
We speak English, French, and Dutch.

Additional AudioOne Dialing Information

We recommend keeping these dialing notes on hand for your conferencing sessions.

  • International access numbers can be dialed from anywhere, with participants subject to long distance and/or international long distance fees.  Telecommunication plans vary, so we recommend checking with your service provider to determine the lowest cost dialing options.
  • Some international access numbers (designated with the indication NATIONAL NUMBER in the City column) might be unavailable from other countries according to the operator used by the user, thus its accessibility cannot be guaranteed.
  • The procedure to dial international telephone numbers can differ when using a mobile phone. As service providers may vary, we recommend checking with your service provider regarding roaming rates, the most cost-effective method for dialing international numbers and the associated rates.
  • As the meeting host, you decide which dialing options to provide to your participants, thereby allowing you to control conferencing charges.
  • If a country or location is not listed, then it is currently not available. In this instance, your international participants will need to dial in using an international access number from a nearby country or a local access number from a nearby city.  Or, as the host, you can activate the international dial-out feature on your account so you can dial-out to your participants.
    Note: Dial-outs are enabled by default to certain countries only. To activate the international dial-out feature to other countries, the host must contact Customer Service prior to the call for receipt, completion, and return of the necessary form.
  • The US toll and toll-free numbers can be dialed from Canada, US territories (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands) as well as the Caribbean countries of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.
    Note: an additional surcharge may apply when dialing from these locations.

AudioOne International Dialing Instructions

HOST: Start your AudioOne Conference Call

HOST: Start your AudioOne AudioConference

No matter where the Host or participants are…

Step 1: Dial the toll local access number of the country you are calling from. Toll local access numbers for various countries are available online using the below button.

Step 2: Dial your Room Number #

Step 3: Dial your Host PIN Code #

Note: Participants can join the audio conference using another local/international access number from this same list as that used by the host.

Mr. Smith has a conference room number 866123123. He is in Belgium and needs to hold a conference call. He wants to use the Belgian toll local access number.

Host, Mr. Smith, in Brussels will dial:
02 808 13 63 (Belgian toll local access number)
Then: 866123123#
Then: PIN#

The Host needs to communicate to participants their own local/international access numbers (according to the countries they are) and your Room Number #  (in the example here: 866123123#)

HOST & PARTICIPANTS: Join your AudioOne Conference Call From Abroad

PARTICIPANTS: Join your AudioOne AudioConference From Abroad

Step 1: Dial the local or International access number of the country you are calling from.
Toll local access numbers for various countries are available online using the below button.

Step 2: Dial your Room Number # (communicated by the host)

Mr. Smith has a conference room number 866123123. He lives in Belgium, but is traveling to France and needs to hold a conference call. He can use the French toll local access number from his hotel phone.

Host, Mr. Smith, in France will dial:
01 82 88 09 61 (French toll local access number) or 0032 2 808 13 63 (Belgian toll access number at the international format)
Then: 866123123# (Room Number)
Then PIN#

Participants, in France will dial:
01 82 88 09 61 (French toll local access number)
Then: 866123123# (Room Number)

Participants, in Belgium will dial:
02 808 13 63 (Belgian toll local access number)
Then: 866123123# (Room Number)

Participants, in Germany will dial:
0892 206 1600 (German toll local access number)
Then: 866123123# (Room Number)

Participants from India (country not available from our access number list) will dial one of our international access number of the Local/International access number list (according to their convenience and  Telecom operator and its international communication fees), for instance:
+852 58080591 (Chinese toll local access number, from Hong Kong) or eventually +65 31580042 (toll local access number of Singapore (remark: this toll local access number appears as a National Number in the City column, this means that calling it from another country isn’t systematically guaranteed as some Telecom operators refuse calls to these kind of numbers), or also +33 1 82 88 0961 (French toll local access number)
Then: 866123123# (Room Number)

DEDICATED ROOM: for a quick and easy access

DEDICATED ROOM: for a quick and easy access locally or  Internationally

Using a dedicated AudioOne room, the conference room number is a direct phone number.

Example: Mr. Smith has a dedicated conference room number 028081364. He is in Belgium and needs to hold a conference call.

Host, Mr. Smith, and his/her participants, in Belgium will dial:
02 808 13 64 (Belgian toll local access number and dedicated AudioOne room)
Then, only the host will dial PIN#

Foreign Participants, outside Belgium, will dial only:
+32 2 808 13 64 (Belgian toll access number at the international format), but they will pay international communication fees.


Using local access numbers is possible too with dedicated rooms, in this case dial one of the local access number available in our Local / International Access Number list according to the country you are located.
Then: 028081364# (Room Number)

If you are interested in using dedicated rooms, please contact your MeetingOne Sales Rep for pricing details or Customer Service for technical details.

HOST: How to dial out to your participants from your AudioOne room?

HOST: How to dial out to your Participants from your conference call?

Step 1: Start your AudioOne room as a Host.

For instance, dialling your preferred local access number, followed by your AudioOne conference room number # and then your PIN Code #.

Once in you conference call, at any time you can call a participant in dialling on your telephone keyboard the following command:

Step 2: Press Participant’s phone number at the International format #.

No matter where the participant, the office next door or the other side of the world, you should always dial the number using the international code: 00 + country code + telephone number.

Example: To call an English participant, dial 00 44 1234567890#, a French participant: 00 33 234567890#, a Belgian participant: 32 23456789#, etc.

Step 3: As the participant answers, he automatically joins the conference call.

When dialing a new participant, the dial tone will be silenced in order not to disturb other participants in the call.

If nobody answers, or if you dialled a wrong number, an audio prompt will be played to the host only.

Note: If you reach an answering machine, or if you just want to disconnect the last called participant, you can press at any time 8#.

Step 4: Call another participant.

As soon as the first participant answers, you can start a new call to another participant, as indicated in Step 2.
You can as well call a second participant before the first one answered, or call several participants at the same time (thanks to our web tool Click&Meet), but in these cases, it won’t be possible from the telephone to disconnect one in particular of the called participants, for instance if you reach an answering machine.

Click&Meet allows you to manage a Directory too in your AudioOne room in order to prepare, easily and in advance, all the calls that you will need to do during your future conference call ; thus you create a contact by phone number and, the D-day, during your conference call, just click on the contact to call him/her. No command nor phone number to dial on your telephone.

HOST – ADOBE CONNECT HOST: How to Call a Participant from Adobe Connect Interface ?

HOST – ADOBE CONNECT HOST: Call a Participant from Connect

Once AudioOne and Connect rooms are integrated and opened…

Please refer to the section Getting Started of our webpage Adobe Connect Support, if ever you need any help to integrate your AudioOne room.

Thus, once you have opened your audio and web rooms, and started the audio of the meeting (menu Audio > Start meeting audio…), several alternatives will allow you to call a user from your Adobe Connect room:

Possibility 1 – Call a new user

From the menu Audio, click on Call A New User
A small window appears requesting to enter the name of the new user and his/her phone number (select your country code + participant’s phone number, without the eventual zero starting the local number).

Example: To call a French participant whom phone number is +33 (0)1 23 45 67 89, select the French country code +33 (FRA) and enter 123456789.
The participant hangs up. He/She’s joining the conference call.

When you’re calling the participant, just before the participant hangs up, it is normal if you hear no phone tonality in your audioroom, this in order you not to be bothered during your conference call.

Ideally, this possibility is perfect when you’re calling a participant who doesn’t attend the Adobe Connect web conferencing room.

Audio & web participants ‘merging from Adobe Connect: However, he/she’s attending the Adobe Connect room, you could merge, from the Attendees pod, the Adobe Connect participant to the conference call participant displayed too in the attendees list of Connect under another icon. To do so, select these both connections (the Connect participant and the audio participant) and click on the menu Merge Users displayed then on the left of the list.

The multi-selection is possible in the Attendees pod thanks to the key CTRL of your computer keyboard that you keep press while you click with your mouse on both desired audio and web participants.

Once the merge done, in the Attendees list, only one user is displayed for these both connections, under the web participant’s name followed by a phone icon (that will change according to his/her status: if he/she’s talking or not, if he/she’s muted…).

Note: Once merged, it won’t be possible to unmerge the audio & web participants. No mistake allowed!

Audio & web participant merging allows to know easily who’s talking (above all if instead of his/her name only is displayed a phone number)…

If you prefer to avoid merging called users, use the following alternative:

Possibility 2 – Call a participant who attends the web conference from the Attendees pod

From the Attendees pod, select the desired participant, and click on the button Pod Options (shown as 4 lines on the right of the title pod Attendees), then on Attendee Options > Call Selected User… Enter then the participant’s phone number at the international format (select the right country code + participant’s number, without the eventual zero starting his/her local number), and finally click on the button Call.

Example: To call a Belgian participant with a phone number such as +32 (0)1  234 56 78, select the Belgian country code +32 (BEL) and enter 12345678.

It is possible that his/her phone number is already entered from a previous session or attempt. Always check the phone number is alright before clicking the Call button.

The participant hangs up. He/She’s joining the conference call.

Hang up participant:

At any time, Connect Host can hang up one of the conference call participants from the Connect interface, without disconnecting the web user of this Connect participant.

From the Attendees pod, select the desired participant, click on the button Pod Options (shown as 4 lines on the right side of the pod name Attendees), then Attendee Options > Hang Up.

The Connect host can among others:

  • Mute (mute the participant’s phone)
  • Hold (thus the participant cannot listen to the conference and cannot be heard)
  • Remove Selected User (audio and web connections of this attendee are disconnected of the audio & web rooms).