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Moving the classroom to an online environment

Online education has become a key success component for schools & universities across the world.

By reaching students globally, improving their focus and engagement, and better connecting them with teachers and trainers, the eLearning approach is becoming one of the most important silent revolutions of our times. Unfortunately, standard online learning lack power of face-to-face learning.

Virtual classrooms provide the solution for success. Adding an interpersonal online environment with robust analytics and engaging features integratable into LMS platforms offers educators new ways to connect with students and measure course effectiveness.

MeetingOne provides customised educational solutions to hundreds of institutions globally. Our Education Solutions offer award winning customer support, leading virtual classroom technology, quality integrated audio, and the ability to scale with your programme’s growth. We provide all of these benefits from within top LMS platforms, or as stand-alone services.

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Virtual Learning Environments with Adobe Connect

The Complete eLearning  Platform!

  • Deliver immersive live virtual classroom experiences 
  • Enable mobile learning across devices
  • Support blended learning with synchronous and asynchronous content
  • Create and deploy engaging on-demand learning content

Upgrade your LMS with direct or LTI integrations for Virtual Classrooms

Choose your level of integration.

  • Off the shelf or custom Web/LMS integration available based on your use case
  • MeetingOne audio integration provides full audio controls for educators
  • Instant Virtual and audio room provisioning from your LMS
We can integrate our education solution with Blackboard
We integrate our education solution with canvas
we can integrate our education solution with Moodle

…and more!

MeetingOne tailors solutions for Schools & Universities

Education professionals depend on MeetingOne for more than just the right elearning tools. Empower your tools with:

TrainingSupport Packages

Branding & Customisation

Coaching for educators to deliver online effectively

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