AudioOne Conference Call Options & Add-On’s

Everyone loves choices, and we have many! For those wanting to enhance their conference call experience, take a look at our value-add options to personalise your audio conferencing service.

Your Audio Options

How do you want to pay?

Pay for what you use

Unsure how many minutes you use each month? Buy our Pay-Per-Use audio plan, and only get billed for the minutes used.

Pay up front

Already know you use 100K minutes every 6 months? Buy a package upfront, versus paying a monthly bill for the minutes used.

Choose your audio access*

Public Toll-Free PPU

Includes a publically shared 800# conference call-in number, with a personalized conference room number per individual.

Dedicated Toll-Free

Code-less conference calling! MeetingOne simplifies the calling-in process by offering dedicated lines.

*Enhanced international access options available by request! 

Your Add-On Services

conference call options

Audio Production

Do you want peace of mind that your call will run smoothly? We have certified producers that can help from simple operator-assisted calls to large-scale call production.

conference call options you can depend upon - like bulk provisioning!

Bulk Provisioning

Have countless audio accounts that need to be migrated, provisioned or updated? We can save you valuable time!

Custom Prompts

In need of personalising what participants hear when they join a conference call? Use this audio option to create the perfect prompt to jumpstart your audio call!

PSTN Toll Bypass

Are you an enterprise organization interested in saving money? Reduce your audio costs and achieve superior audio quality by eliminating telephony carrier charges.

SIP UV Gateway

Is VoIP an important part of your meetings? We offer integrated audio that pairs with VoIP. UV conference call options help many large businesses.


Audio Transcription

In need of a written record of your conference calls? We have the capability to convert speech into a written or electronic text for your important events!

Get the Outlook calendar scheduling app!

Send invites for your conference fast & easy! The ScheduleOne Outlook plugin populates your meeting information automatically with customisable templates & allows for single sign-on!

Ready to try AudioOne?

Begin a 30-day trial of AudioOne with unlimited free minutes! 

Enhance your conferencing with MeetingOne products

Adobe Connect is an advanced web conferencing software that offers an interactive and captivating online meeting experience. The system goes well beyond screen sharing for collaboration, online training and large-scale webinars. Adobe Connect enables users to manage the most powerful online sessions directly from a mobile device, including hosting, presenting, file sharing, whiteboarding, breakout sessions, using emoticons and so much more!



This industry-leading audio solution provides both traditional audio conferencing and integrated audio with Adobe Connect in one reliable, cost-effective package. Simple, secure and fully customisable, AudioOne is the next-generation solution for advanced audio conferencing needs.



Click&Meet is an easy-to-use interface included with all AudioOne accounts, giving customers the flexibility to maintain total meeting control from the comfort and ease of their computer screen. Through the click of a button, you can mute/unmute callers, dial out to participants, see who is talking and get instant feedback with the polling feature.



ScheduleOne is used for customising Adobe Connect meeting invitations, scheduling integrated AudioOne calls and even creating new web rooms. This advanced Outlook plugin offers the ability to do all this and more without ever having to leave Outlook. Streamline your team’s communications with this powerful and innovative conferencing plugin, only from MeetingOne!


View your audio conference account usage information online in real time for the past 4 months and manage your custom billing codes.



We’ve developed an integrated building block that offers many unique advantages for seamless usage of Adobe Connect’s cutting-edge technology within the Blackboard Learning Management System. Our integrator provides many innovative and rich features for giving your students a Blackboard experience like no other!