Adobe Connect Meetings

Use Adobe Connect for a full range of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing all the way to mission-critical, real-time collaboration. Adobe Connect allows your teams to work more efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity and helping to reduce costs.

Premium Features


Instant Access Across Devices


Persistent Meeting Rooms


Secure Communication & Compliance

Adobe Connect Meetings bring you together.

Personal digital office

  • Meet using a personalised, continually active URL and brandable environment
  • Quickly create additional online meeting rooms with templates
  • Securely store files, documents, layouts and notes

Rich recording and editing tools

  • Record, edit and republish meetings for widespread on-demand access
  • Edit content, index, anonymise participants, hide specific functionality
  • Formalise training around recordings with Adobe Connect Learning

Instant access across devices

  • Collaborate, host and present directly from mobile devices
  • Enable attendance on iOS and Android devices
  • Ensure participants can join meetings instantly without the need for additional downloads

Enable rich and highly collaborative interactions

  • Create, monitor and manage multiple breakout rooms to focus discussions
  • Support any online meeting scenario, from simple document reviews to 24×7 rooms for managing mission-critical operations
  • Leverage a broad set of collaboration capabilities with “pods” that deliver rich functionality, like attendee management, sharing, notes, video, whiteboard, polls, and Q&A
  • Provide greater meeting accessibility for all attendees with complete keyboard navigation, screen reader support, hot keys, and closed-captioning extensions

Highly secure communication and compliance

  • Choose an industry-leading solution used even by the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Deploy a solution with advanced security, compliance, and privacy controls
  • Support your audience with Section 508 accessibility standards features
  • Select the most appropriate deployment option for your organisation: hosted, on premise, or managed service.
  • Comply with government regulations and internal policies by safeguarding, storing, and tracking electronic communications within Adobe Connect

Enhance your conferencing with MeetingOne products

Adobe Connect is an advanced web conferencing software that offers an interactive and captivating online meeting experience. The system goes well beyond screen sharing for collaboration, online training and large-scale webinars. Adobe Connect enables users to manage the most powerful online sessions directly from a mobile device, including hosting, presenting, file sharing, whiteboarding, breakout sessions, using emoticons and so much more!



This industry-leading audio solution provides both traditional audio conferencing and integrated audio with Adobe Connect in one reliable, cost-effective package. Simple, secure and fully customisable, AudioOne is the next-generation solution for advanced audio conferencing needs.



Click&Meet is an easy-to-use interface included with all AudioOne accounts, giving customers the flexibility to maintain total meeting control from the comfort and ease of their computer screen. Through the click of a button, you can mute/unmute callers, dial out to participants, see who is talking and get instant feedback with the polling feature.



ScheduleOne is used for customising Adobe Connect meeting invitations, scheduling integrated AudioOne calls and even creating new web rooms. This advanced Outlook plugin offers the ability to do all this and more without ever having to leave Outlook. Streamline your team’s communications with this powerful and innovative conferencing plugin, only from MeetingOne!


View your audio conference account usage information online in real time for the past 4 months and manage your custom billing codes.



We’ve developed an integrated building block that offers many unique advantages for seamless usage of Adobe Connect’s cutting-edge technology within the Blackboard Learning Management System. Our integrator provides many innovative and rich features for giving your students a Blackboard experience like no other!