What does Online MBA Innovation Look Like? [St. Mary’s College Case Study]


These can be difficult times for professionals looking to get an MBA.  There are a lot of MBA programs out there.  Some seem designed to churn out degrees and grads.  And a lot of these programs are moving online.  These factors can make it hard to know which school or program offers the best route.



An MBA is more than just a degree.  It’s an opportunity to advance a career, inspire new approaches to old workflows, and lay the grounds for a better future.  It’s important that online MBA programs strive to meet the needs of their students while maintaining the level of education standards essential to being respected in the professional & collegiate communities.


In the US alone there are almost 207 universities offering 355 online MBA degrees.  That’s a lot.  And they’re all competing.  Makes you wonder who’s actually taking the steps necessary to provide a truly valuable and respected education.  This is especially important when you consider that online students may be limited in their contact with professors.



MeetingOne has the fortune of working with one institution dedicated to creating exceptional learning experiences for their MBA and Executive MBA students: St. Mary’s College of California (SMC), School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA).

Saint Mary's College Online MBA and Digital Driver's License Program

CEO Magazine has had nothing but praise for SMC.  In 2016, they were recognized for having:

  • A Top 100 MBA program in North America
  • A Top 50 EMBA program in the world
  • A Top 20 Online MBA program in the world


SMC offers one of the best Online MBA programs in the world.  Despite being more highly ranked than other Bay Area schools, SMC is much smaller than UC Berkeley and Stanford.  


Why is SMC is performing so well? 


St. Mary’s College is Dedicated to Innovation

Acquiring this recognition and achieving such a status has not come easily.  SMC has committed to innovation and overcome growing pains along the way.  Whether it was turning to virtual classrooms instead of basic chat rooms to facilitate conversations, or devising a certification course to prepare faculty for teaching in the online environment, SMC has taken the steps necessary to ensure their courses successfully meet their students’ needs.  And MeetingOne has been there to help them along the way.



All of these efforts translated into, in 2016, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) awarding SMC the prestigious “Innovations that Inspire.”

But there’s much more to the story.  SMC has overcome many hurdles in the process.  And their “Digital Driver’s License” is paving the way for better online instruction.  You’d better believe other colleges and universities are taking notice, too.
St. Mary's College leading the way in MBA Innovation


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